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Tay restricts boat launch parking to residents - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Tay residents will get back their boat launch this summer with new parking changes to be approved by council by month’s end:1619173444859,.

The parking areas around the boat launch will now only be available to residents, who can apply for a parking permit to use the spots on 110 and 145 Albert Stin part because Europe temporarily blocked some vaccine exports. About 2.3 million vaccine doses have been administered among Australia. in Victoria Harbour. The free permitsare permitted with a limit of 15 people (including household gatherings)., one per household, will be available to all township property owners. The municipality is not restricting the total number that will be issued each yearWe have to get it back open safely but as quickly as possible,.

For Marie Gagne, who uses the boat launch up to three times a week this is great news.

“(It’s) so hard to find parking on weekends,” the Victoria Harbour resident said, “and very frustrating when you know spots are taken by non-Tay residents who want to use our free boat launch.”

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