China is facing great changes. In 2016, Chinese pa

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China is facing great changes. How do Chinese packaging and printing enterprises survive in 2016

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core tip: like many years in the past, 2016 is destined to be a year of great change in China. Southeast Asia has basically eliminated China's medium and low-end past intensive manufacturing industry. All kinds of leverage, all kinds of wealth scams and all kinds of ineffective investment have destroyed the foundation for the survival of inward manufacturing industry - domestic demand

[China Packaging News] China is about to face an unprecedented change. Export, investment and consumption, as the old driving force of development, will be lost, and the new driving force of development is still brewing slowly. Facing the current difficult situation, how should China's packaging and printing industry be differentiated

1. Transformation to "Internet +", "digital printing" and "intelligent manufacturing"

interconnected packaging can connect all subjects in the industrial chain to the same platform. Through informatization, big data and intelligence, it can realize the optimal matching of packaging manufacturing, packaging material supply, packaging design and customer orders, so as to provide customers with fast, convenient and low-cost integrated high-quality services. The future "smart factory" will no longer produce unified and indistinguishable products, but produce hundreds of millions of customized products on a series of packaging and printing equipment. These products are delivered to customers' intelligent production lines through Internet and IOT by virtue of chips or QR codes. Compared with traditional printing, digital printing has an overwhelming advantage in terms of green environmental protection, easy operation and differentiated printing. In addition, digital printing has made great progress in traversing the degree of beauty and speed according to the strategy of first depth, first width or some other strategy. In the next few years, digital printing may quickly replace traditional analog printing. This trend is worthy of careful consideration by packaging and printing enterprises

in 2016, "Internet +", "digital printing" and "intelligent manufacturing" have become the new direction of industry development. If enterprises fail to transform early, they are likely to be abandoned by the era of intelligent manufacturing and IOT

2. Adjust the product structure according to the market situation

retail easy packaging (RRP) is a new type of packaging that is easy to open, convenient for shelf sales, strong visual impact and brand display effect. At present, in European and American countries, the growth rate of this kind of exquisite printed packaging is twice that of ordinary corrugated packaging. In China, retail easy packaging is just gaining momentum, which is definitely a fertile land worth digging

with the increasing maturity of IOT and the rapid promotion of intelligent logistics, a new product called CCF standard box will soon become popular. The CCF box has a unified size standard, which not only makes the packaging of agricultural products (fresh fruits and vegetables) applicable to the industry standard pallet, but also improves the efficiency of cargo handling, transportation and storage

with the increasingly popular trend of green, low-carbon and environmental protection, many enterprises have a growing demand for simplifying product packaging. In addition, in some areas, packaging is developing towards palletization and miniaturization. Packaging enterprises should pay attention to the pulsation of the packaging market

3. Race against overcapacity and exit or transfer at the right time

everyone has a question. Why have so many printing and packaging factories fallen in recent years, but there are fewer and fewer orders? In fact, we forget that the market is determined by both supply and demand. As a supplier, the manufacturing industry including packaging and printing has indeed decreased a lot, but the demand has also decreased. In particular, the withdrawal of a large number of foreign-funded enterprises has dealt a major blow to the export processing enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta to measure the perpendicularity of the boundary line as soon as possible and adopt the total station to carry out the current commercialization industry. In the real estate bubble, crazy printing money, stock market cutting leek, P2P run away, capital flight and agricultural products prices plummeted and other factors, China's domestic demand cliff foam fell. This has led to the wonderful scene that the more enterprises close down, the more overcapacity

4. See the new growth point of the packaging and printing market

compared with other industries, the packaging and printing industry is relatively lucky, because with the progress of human science and technology and the improvement of living standards, when the real estate related industries and export processing industries shut down, new growth points will be generated in the fields of express packaging, cold chain packaging and agricultural products packaging

according to the data of the mainland post office, the business volume of express services in the mainland totaled 20.67 billion last year, an annual increase of 48%. According to preliminary estimates, it is estimated that the mainland consumed 2.96 billion plastic woven bags, 8.26 billion plastic bags, 9.9 billion packaging boxes, 16.95 billion meters of tape and 2.97 billion buffers to avoid impact last year. In 2016, this growth momentum will continue. The hot purchase also directly brought fire to the cold chain express market. With the development of e-commerce, there are more stores selling fresh products such as vegetables, fruits and flowers. In the past three years, state-owned capital such as CITIC Trust, Beijing trust and China Construction trust have accelerated the pace of horse racing and enclosure all over the country, and trust companies such as Shanghai Trust, Huabao trust and COFCO trust have also begun to enter the land trust market. With the entry of large capital, a large number of large-scale ecological agricultural groups are rising in China. In the next few years, these agricultural enterprises adopting intensive business model will activate haotianwangji agricultural product packaging

in the new environment, the problems faced by China's packaging and printing industry are also new! The top note of the industry is to focus on the future, see the future development trend, adjust the development strategy of enterprises ahead of schedule, and actively respond to the immediate crisis. I believe that this industry will have a bright future with fast fashion and food and beverage as the backing. p>

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