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Siemens established a new subsidiary in the field of low-voltage power distribution. On May 23, 2005, the automation and drive group (a d) of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with Shanghai Jingyi Electrical Appliance Factory Co., Ltd. to establish Siemens low-voltage circuit breaker Co., Ltd. (SCBC) in Shanghai. With about 400 employees, the new company is committed to providing development, manufacturing, marketing and sales services for a full range of low-voltage circuit breakers in China and overseas markets. Relying on innovative technology, global sales network and complete product portfolio, the new company will strive to become the leader in China's circuit breaker market

Siemens is a leading supplier of industrial solutions for various industries in China, while Shanghai Jingyi Electrical Appliance Factory Co., Ltd. is one of the largest circuit breaker manufacturers in China. The new company will combine the advantages of both sides: Siemens' innovative technologies and products, global sales network, lean's complete product line and extensive local sales network. This is part of Siemens' strategic plan for development in China, aiming to provide strategic supplement to the company's rich product lines and expand market share through cooperation with powerful local suppliers

vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd Peter Herweck, general manager of automation and drive group (a d), said: "China is one of our important strategic markets in the world. We will be committed to developing and producing a full range of advanced products for Chinese and global customers in China without obvious trachoma, bubbles and defects, so as to promote the development of China's automation industry. We are fortunate to establish mutually beneficial cooperative relations with powerful local manufacturers. We firmly believe that our business will It is in a leading position in China's circuit breaker market. "

mengweiming, chairman of Shanghai Jingyi Electric Appliance Factory Co., Ltd., said:" the new joint venture established by Siemens Automation and drive group and Jingyi electric appliance factory will adopt the latest Siemens technologies and products in the field of circuit breakers, which will greatly benefit consumers. "

Siemens Automation and drive group is one of the pillars of Siemens' business in China. It provides many innovative, reliable, efficient and high-quality products, systems, solutions and services in the fields of manufacturing automation, process automation and building electrical installation in China. This group occupies a leading position in the automation control system, machine tool control and large-scale drive markets, and has achieved a high degree of localization.

we are in the global market Our products and services have been successfully applied in almost all manufacturing and process industries in China, including steel, machinery, metallurgy, petrochemical, glass, cement, water treatment, waste treatment, food and beverage, packaging, port, textile, oil and gas, electric power, automobile, etc. Our solutions fully embody the concept of innovation, customer-oriented, high reliability, high quality and high efficiency when the test run is in good condition

customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our enterprise. 7. Cooler: the crud of air-cooled cooler shall be cleared regularly; If water cooling is adopted, the cooling copper pipe shall be inspected regularly to see if there is any crack or water leakage; In order to be closer to customers and provide them with better services, we will further expand our existing sales and service network, strengthen our local manufacturing and R & D capabilities, and provide customized products according to the needs of local customers. We are committed to long-term close cooperation to promote the development of our business in China. Siemens and Jingyi jointly build a joint venture, which once again confirms our solid commitment

Siemens in China

Siemens is a deeply loved and respected corporate citizen in China. Its cooperation with China can be traced back to 1872, when Siemens provided China with the first pointer telegraph. The company has witnessed the great changes brought about by China's reform and opening up in the past 25 years, and is very proud to become a loyal and reliable partner in China's economic development. All business groups of Siemens have entered China and are active in various industries in China, such as information and communication, automation and control, power, transportation, medical treatment, lighting and household appliances. Its core business areas are infrastructure construction and industrial solutions. So far, Siemens has established 45 joint ventures in China and regional offices in 42 cities. This regional organizational structure enables the company to better grasp the pulse of the market, understand local information, and more effectively meet the needs of customers. With more than 31000 highly qualified employees, Siemens is one of the foreign-invested enterprises with the largest number of employees in China. The company has long been committed to becoming an integral part of China's economy. By continuing to expand investment, enhancing local R & D and software development, and expanding local procurement activities, the company can ensure the rapid development of its business in China

Siemens Automation and drive group in China

---- Siemens Automation and drive group (AD) is a world leading supplier in the field of industrial automation. The products provided by the group include: system solutions, from machine tools to solutions for the whole industry, such as the automation of automobile plants or chemical plants. In addition, the group also provides software tools to connect production and management (vertical IT integration). Siemens Automation and drive group has about 3000 employees in China, distributed in 7 joint ventures and 44 offices. The group is committed to the development of automation business in China and has played an active role in the fields of steel, machinery, metallurgy, food, beverage, packaging, automobile and chemical industry. The group has a national system to provide customers with 24-hour service

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