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On January 9, sponsored by Foshan media group and Foshan Municipal Bureau of sports, the "city upgrading, I enjoy sports" greenway cycling around Foshan organized by Foshan daily was officially launched in Qiandeng lake, Nanhai District

On January 9, hosted by Foshan media group and Foshan Municipal Bureau of sports, and organized by Foshan daily, the "city upgrading, I enjoy sports" greenway cycling activity around Foshan was officially launched in Qiandeng lake, Nanhai District. As a loyal fan of green cycling, Weiye brand aluminum Knights set out again to experience the urban charm of "upgraded" Foshan with thousands of riders

Foshan media group, Foshan Municipal Sports Bureau and Weiye Aluminum Factory Group Co., Ltd. jointly launched the first stop of "cycling around the city"

song Weidong, President and chief editor of Foshan daily, officially fired the starting gun

in the morning of that day, at the launching ceremony of Qiandeng Lake Square in the South China Sea, Gu Yaohui, director of Foshan Municipal Bureau of land and resources, said that at present, the planned greenway mileage of Foshan City is more than 1500 kilometers, and the greenways in five districts have been connected. This time, more than 100 kilometers of high-quality lines were selected to connect Qiandeng Lake Park in the South China Sea, Huayang grand bridge, riverside landscape belt of Foshan new city, Green Island Lake Wetland Park, gaomingming Lake Art Park Sanshui sports park and other urban upgrading highlight projects. Riders can savor the scenery along the way and feel the charm of "upgraded" Foshan

get your passport and start on time

this is a large-scale cycling activity across the five districts of the city. The Weiye cavalry team is interspersed with the cycling team, shouting for the beauty of Foshan with the speed of Weiye people

30 km, 105 km, 120 km

on the three distinctive riding routes

riders feel not only that the environment brought about by the urban upgrading is more beautiful

more importantly, the cutest face of Foshan people

an inattentive side face

can enjoy a scene in the field

an inadvertent look back

can find a beauty on the roadside

adhere to environmental protection and energy conservation,the, In order to accelerate green Foshan, with the vigorous implementation of the environmental protection industry, the aluminum profile industry is an important pillar of the development of the aluminum capital in Nanhai. It is responsible for leading the orderly development of energy-saving and environmental protection production, and fully supporting the upgrading of green Foshan City. Weiye brand aluminum, the leading brand of energy-saving profile, bears the brunt of the "green campaign", and advances "hardware" and "software" to "green" simultaneously; High tech intelligent production line: Asia's largest fully automatic vertical oxidation electrophoresis production line, the industry's advanced intelligent OA office system, and the continuous output of national green energy-saving recommended products: high-end energy-saving system doors and windows, industrial profiles, energy-saving profiles, etc. it is believed that with the beneficial assistance of enterprises such as Weiye aluminum, which supports green environmental protection development, green buildings and green cities can also enter the fast lane

one day is not enough for us to witness the beauty of green cities

today is not the end

2016 let's continue




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