The pure white world of Asian wood doors and windo

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The sunshine in the morning scattered the warmth of a room through the clean door. Under the reflection of the morning light, the door in a corner welcomed this beautiful moment with its simple face, and perfectly integrated into the living space with its simple posture

the streamline appearance design of the Aker series of sub material doors and windows shows its beautiful, elegant and luxurious temperament, with diversified combinations and strong practicality. Silent push-pull, smooth feel, anti-collision and air tightness have achieved a new leap compared with traditional products in the industry

the flowery style like a thin vine is quietly pasted on a corner of the facade. Suddenly, the monotonous door panel becomes flexible and elegant. Appropriate decoration brings different visual enjoyment. The translational opening mode saves space and makes the room spacious and bright

the transparent facade is equipped with a white and bright hardware frame, and the middle is dotted with exquisite patterns. It is simple and generous, with elegance and luxury. Gently push away, without a trace of noise, do not disturb the quiet space

through the transparent and clean lattice glass door, even if the door is closed, you can have a panoramic view of the interior. The simple and elegant design of Aker African gold pendant is simple and affordable, with the gorgeous and solemn of the court. The extraordinary temperament makes the space particularly charming

the Aker white series of Asian wood doors and windows is a pure white scenery in the room. In the white world, there is not only simple beauty, but also a different style with a little modification. It is simple, generous, fashionable and elegant





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