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With the development and everyone's attention to women's inner beauty, spicy mom more contains a positive mentality and image of women who still adjust their mentality, mature thinking, take care of their lives in an orderly manner, and bravely pursue their life dreams after a series of life events

becoming a mother is another realm for women, and it is also a re extension of having a relatively perfect life. A woman who has become a mother is like a watchful angel, who nourishes her little life with love and hope. She is more warm and meticulous in life and work

with the enhancement of social rhythm, forced by various pressures of life, a group of "spicy mothers" have been created. The word "spicy mother" first came from a nickname given to her by fans of Spice Girl Victoria. It was once synonymous with a sexy and hot mother to be or mother. With the development and everyone's attention to women's internal beauty, spicy mother more contains a positive mentality and image of women who still adjust their mentality, mature thinking, take care of life in an orderly manner, and bravely pursue their life dreams after a series of life events. In short, spicy mom is to be better herself

"Na Ma" Dong Na

Dong Na is the Secretary of the general office of QianChuan wood industry group. She has just been promoted to mother at the beginning of the year, and has initially experienced the feeling of being a mother. Now, she is clinging to her life dream while taking care of her life, family and children in an orderly way

Na Ma is not spicy, but she actively returns to work to find her own essence

speaking of the name "La Ma", she laughed and said frankly that she has nothing to do with La. This Na is not that hot. In her opinion, spicy mother is the kind of young mother who wears fashionable clothes, has a hot body and has a beautiful face, and teases her body. After giving birth, she hasn't recovered to her prenatal figure and is slightly obese, but more importantly, she has more responsibility and love. From the heart, she feels that spicy mom still needs to be independent, have a good balance between family and career, and have a positive attitude

so 100% of housewives live in what she thinks is rare. "I don't want to and can't just be a housewife. I still have to work, and I will bring more things and learn. Housewives focus on pots and pans and a narrow environment every day. Without work, there will be no good circle of friends, and naturally, their character will become isolated; and if they just focus on dolls every day, they can't set a good example for her, because educating dolls is particularly important, and at the same time It also urges them to work harder to create a good educational environment and resources for dolls. Work also provides a relatively rich material basis for family life and is the fundamental guarantee of a happy life. "

as the saying goes, I don't know how hard my parents suffer if I'm not my parents. As a mother, Dong Na also feels the pressure of life, but she knows more about responsibility and tolerance. Dolls have become the focus, the bond and mediator of family life, and their husbands have become more considerate, understanding and tolerant of each other. She also admitted that this change is really too strange, unconsciously formed such a consciousness, and even affected her behavior. And said with a smile, "once, my character was a very straight and urgent kind of person, but after giving birth to a baby, motherhood was rampant and became a lot more gentle. After work and rest, I would take time to talk to my family on the phone and ask about the child's condition."

Na's mother is not strong, but she tries to make herself strong

during pregnancy, if it's not from the perspective of body shape and figure, the two words Dong Na and pregnant women can't be related at all. With a big belly, she is still active, walks quickly, and even trots a little, and does things quickly. Company leaders and colleagues have repeatedly reminded her to walk slowly and call if she has something to do, but she still has to hand everything to her hand

even if she is pregnant, Dong Na seldom asks for leave, and her work is carried out in an orderly manner. "In the first three months, my body was still a little uncomfortable. During the prenatal examination, the doctor ordered me to stay in bed, but I didn't think it was a big deal. I still went to work normally the next day." Speaking of this, Dong Na is still in a indifferent state, saying that her personality is such a careless and casual person. She said, "I can't indulge myself, and I can't escape or rely too much on others on the excuse that I'm pregnant."

she was grateful. She was very grateful to the company's leaders for relieving her work pressure during pregnancy, and the colleagues who worked together also shared a lot of workload for herself. She said, "as long as the baby is healthy, it will be better for pregnant women to go to work. The work and rest time is relatively regular, and there is a good regulation for phenomena such as pregnancy and vomiting." The company now has several employees who are about to become mothers. As past people, she hopes that everyone has a good attitude and can exercise properly at ordinary times, which is conducive to the physical and mental health of mother and son and the smooth delivery

Na Ma didn't have a spectrum, but she did things carefully and cautiously.

when she mentioned her relationship with QianChuan, she showed her naive side, "in fact, I really didn't know QianChuan carefully before I came here. I don't know what it is?" This has to make people sigh. It's too careless to find a job. I have no spectrum in my heart and dare to accept it

but when she came to the company interview, she immediately found the feeling, and the point that attracted her immediately highlighted. She said, "That day, when I walked into the office building and came to the exhibition hall, my eyes suddenly lit up. In an instant, the tall decoration style and exquisite and beautiful wooden door products attracted me; another point is that the working atmosphere of the whole company is very good, and everyone is doing things seriously, unlike the environment I have experienced before. At the end of the day, everyone didn't pack up in advance, nor did they leave at the point of departure, but they all stepped up to finish what they were doing It made me deeply infected. "

in June, 2011, Dong Na formed an indissoluble bond with QianChuan. She first came to work in the Ministry of Commerce. At that time, she happened to encounter the most serious day of delay. She was under great pressure because she didn't understand wooden doors, industries, and business work. Everything started from scratch, and she was particularly confused, but she still adhered to that enthusiasm. Speaking of this period of time, Dong Na still regrets, "the business Commissioner represents QianChuan's service window to communicate with dealers and customers, and is in a state of high-speed operation every day, not only communicating with customers, but also reviewing orders. At that time, QianChuan's sales volume soared, the order volume was large, and she was inexperienced at the beginning, so she had to continue to work overtime at home many times, even reviewing orders many times in the early morning, and sometimes dreamed of working."

talking about these, I'm more indifferent now. But she still thanked those hard days, which made her have a relatively clear understanding and understanding of the style, structure and materials of the door, and learned how to communicate well with people and how to insist on doing every little thing well

in July 2012, Dong Na was transferred to the general manager's office to be responsible for the preliminary examination of various bills and documents of the company as a secretary. This time, she knew that she would face the senior leaders of the company, which would be more stressful and her ability to do things must be strengthened, but she still readily accepted and cherished such an opportunity. How to do the things arranged by the leaders well? How to get the recognition of leaders? How to do a good job of reception? All these made her slowly on the right track in her exploratory study

"we should consider things from many aspects and look at things at a deeper level, not just the surface." She said, "just arrived at the general manager's office, this is the first sentence Luo Botao, the general manager, told me, but this sentence has a great impact on me, and always affects my thinking and entry point in my future work."

Na's mother is not talented, but she perseveres and studies hard.

during the conversation, Dong Na repeatedly lamented that she felt that she had no special skills and outstanding talents. She was well aware of her shortcomings and shortcomings, and the shadow of self-confidence often shrouded her. Avoidance is by no means the best way to solve problems, so Dong Na learned to face problems directly and learn new knowledge and skills she didn't understand

she told reporters that she is very busy every day. She has to bring dolls to work during the day and after work. For such a state, she hopes to cherish the present, do her job well, find a balance between work and family life, and most importantly, hope to improve herself. "Because my own conditions are not very good, I should work harder, learn from my colleagues who have done well, and consult the leaders of the company." Dong Na said that from the chairman of the board of directors, she saw the courage to do things as a decision-maker, from the general manager, she saw the efforts and hard work of the second generation of enterprises, working steadily and rigorously, with enthusiasm, and the seriousness and responsibility of the leaders of various departments. Although we can't do these things now, we should learn to do things and be a person

at present, the competition in the wooden door industry is becoming more and more fierce, and the company leaders are bearing greater responsibility and the mission of QianChuan's development and growth. For QianChuan's future, she is full of confidence and hope. As a small employee and Secretary of the general manager's office, she said she would try her best to do her own job, be positive, learn and do

in the wooden gate of QianChuan, Dong Na realized the two most important events in her life: marriage and having children. She hopes to make better achievements in QianChuan in the future, step by step, and do everything steadily. She said, "those flashy dreams and expectations are too far away. It's better to cherish the present and grasp the present. Work is for a better life, and life is also for a better job."

a woman who has become a mother understands life better, her thoughts become rich because of her experience, and her life becomes more charming because of her maturity. Bless every mother of QianChuan




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