I have a trick for cleaning glass doors and window

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A few days ago, someone left a message to Xiaobian saying that when he was cleaning, he found that the glass doors and windows

how to clean them, are they clean?! It's all right. Listen to Xiaobian carefully

newspaper glazing method

this is the most commonly used method of glazing. Because there is printing ink on the newspaper, the viscosity and adhesion function of the ink can easily take away the glass dust and make the glass bright as new

pay attention

it's a virtue for children to help with housework, but don't let them come to the field window! Risk

water + rag cleaning method

wet the rag for scrubbing, and then use a dry rag for secondary scrubbing. It needs to be wiped from top to bottom, and the direction is very important

pay attention!! People often say it's dirtier to wipe with a rag, please! You took the wrong rag, okay?! What else can I say when you wipe the glass with a rag

glass scraper cleaning method

this is for wiping glass! Spray glass cleaner with water on the glass, and scrape off the dirt and water on the glass with a scraper. Because the scraper is close to the glass, it can scrape off the fine dust, and the cleaning is more complete

ps: the detergent can be DIY, and the detergent mixed with water is OK! And a glass scraper is on sale

intelligent glass cleaner

human beings are strong, intelligent glass cleaning, so easy! You can clean the glass easily with a remote control. By the way, the all-round treasure is also available

spider man cleaning method

the glass exterior walls of many buildings and companies are cleaned by full-time glass cleaning spider men suspended from the top floor. But if you just clean at home, it's not necessary. But if your house is the whole building outside

dear friend, do you understand? Hurry home and help clean the glass





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