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Siemens is planning to acquire 5000 employees in China through billions of M & as in China. The spring sun shines lazily on the Siemens China headquarters compound in Wangjing, Beijing. Passing through the busy figures of employees with high noses and blue eyes, Hao Ruiqiang, dressed in blue checked shirts, opened the door of his house and walked towards it, greeting them in a friendly way in fluent Chinese

on January 6 this year, the outgoing Global CEO of Siemens, fengbile, brought Hao Ruiqiang to "Chinese chess", which was his first appearance in Chinese media in a new capacity

now, the president of Siemens China has fully adapted to his new position. He is already planning the development plan of Siemens China in the next three to five years, and the first "fire" has been burning inside

at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, we had an exclusive interview with Hao Ruiqiang in his spacious and bright office on the fourth floor. Within one hour, haoruiqiang entrusted Siemens with the plan of large-scale expansion and M & A in China

improve the "growth strategy" in the next three to five years

: it seems very simple to look at your resume. In the past, only the coal mine of CT Business Department of Siemens Medical Engineering Group needed a certain response time gate supervisor. From a single business to taking charge of the overall work of the Chinese market, is it a huge challenge for you

Hao: This is the most challenging and interesting work in Siemens' global work. Our business in China is widely distributed, covering six fields. Previously, I was mainly responsible for Siemens' global medical business, and I am very familiar with the Chinese market. These experiences are sufficient to support. Besides, I have a neo Confucianism background and can quickly understand innovation. The Chinese market is very critical. It is not just a simple sales market, but an important support base for Siemens' global business, which needs a person with a global vision. I like this job. After all, competitiveness is the source of development

: what have you done in the past few months

Hao: I used this time to familiarize myself with the environment. I found that the work here is very tense every day. In the first few months, I used it to comprehensively consider the development strategy of Siemens China in the next three to five years, analyze the current situation and what needs to be improved. A preliminary plan has now been made

: what kind of plan is this

Hao: the core of this plan is to improve the previously determined "growth strategy". First, each business group must achieve substantial growth, provide innovative products and expand its sales force nationwide; Second, further enhance China's position in Siemens' global value chain and strengthen local R & D procurement; Third, make full use of local talent resources to attract, train and develop these talents. It should be emphasized that this year, we will increase the work of mergers and acquisitions

ten billion investment focuses on strategic mergers and acquisitions

: what businesses did you just say Siemens would strengthen mergers and acquisitions this year? Do you have a goal

Hao: first, Siemens' existing joint ventures should consider increasing their shares or even becoming wholly-owned subsidiaries; Second, look for new partners, but I can't tell you yet. The main idea is to comprehensively expand the business field, make Siemens' business structure more perfect, and urge its business groups to increase production capacity. As you can see, a month ago, our joint venture with Huawei was officially listed

: on January 6 this year, when Dr. fengbile, the Global CEO of Siemens, came to China, he announced that in the future, he would invest 10billion yuan in China. The new CEO could decide where to invest and had the right to decide more investment in China. How do you plan to use the 10billion yuan? What is the proportion of M & a budget

Hao: a large part of this 10billion yuan is invested in mergers and acquisitions, and the specific amount cannot be determined at present. At the same time, the Beijing headquarters building we are building needs funds. In addition, local businesses will be promoted at full speed. I believe it will be spent very well (laughter)

: some people say that you can become the CEO of Siemens China, not only because you have made outstanding achievements in the medical system, but also because Siemens needs to increase its investment in China's medical business

Hao: Siemens will increase its investment in medical business this year, not because I am the CEO. Medical business is a very important territory of Siemens. In March this year, we completed a new Siemens magnetic resonance Park in Shenzhen. In addition, 3G is also a big investment. If necessary, we will continue to increase investment, not limited to this amount

China urgently needs 5000 new employees

: "localization" is a word that Siemens often talks about. Among the 9 provincial general managers of Siemens in China, 6 are from China. You also promise to localize talents. Do you have any specific measures? Where and in what industries are they concentrated

Hao: now we are trying our best to recruit people! At the beginning of this year, Dr. fengbile announced that 2 where a is a size composed of mold parts, 5000 new employees will be recruited in China in 2005, most of them local people. Where these new employees need to go (laughter). Among them, a global R & D Center for broadband technology will be established in Beijing, and this center alone will reach the scale of 1000 engineers by the end of the year. In addition, we plan to set up nine more offices in China this year

: there has always been a debate about the fate of the business. What exactly does Siemens want to do with this business

Hao: we are still studying various plans, but we have not made a decision. We will have results in a period of time

: I heard that you have launched the "tutorial system" project within the company

Hao: this idea comes from my own experience. In my early years, I participated in similar organizations, which ended five years ago and benefited a lot

: do you have such a "mentor" within the company? Who do you personally coach

Hao: I hope to have a "mentor" (laughing). After the position reaches a certain level, it may be difficult to have a fixed "mentor". The object of my guidance is the high-quality and high potential people of the company. They may be ordinary employees or managers who can achieve a certain position

the first "internal communication meeting"

: Siemens has 45 operating companies, 28 regional offices and 30000 employees in China. At present, the management structure is a strategy committee composed of six senior executives, who are in charge of different business groups and report directly to the headquarters. What do you think of this management model

Hao: vertical management has its advantages, but there are also some imperfections. I found that there is a lack of communication between groups under the company's model of setting up standard samples of shortcomings in vertical management

: is there any idea to change this management mode

Hao: it is not ruled out that there may be minor corrections in the future. Now, I have led an "internal communication meeting", which mainly includes the general manager of each business group who should set the range to the minimum level 1 when zeroing, the general manager of Commerce, the heads of major service functional departments and the members of the management committee. Once a quarter, after obtaining the latest operation data, the heads of business groups will jointly think about forward-looking goals, design future goals and discuss cooperation opportunities for specific problems. A communication meeting was just held yesterday

: what hot topics were discussed in the communication meeting

Hao: the meeting is usually divided into two parts. First, each business group reports the situation, and then focuses on hot topics, such as Siemens "integration"

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