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Siemens haoruiqiang: foreign enterprises should not be excluded from the economic stimulus plan. Haoruiqiang, CEO of Siemens' Northeast Asia business area and chairman of China, Yi Caijing, July 4 - from July 3 to 4, the first global think tank summit was held in Beijing. Yi Caijing, as an exclusive live media, made live reports on the summit and its sub forums. At the sub Forum on "cooperation and cooperation of multinational corporations in the financial crisis", haoruiqiang, CEO of Siemens' Northeast Asia business area and chairman of China, said that foreign enterprises should not be excluded from China's economic stimulus plan

the following is the actual record of the speech:

haoruiqiang: Professor Wang, I also want to make some comments. Just now you talked about some problems. I have some ideas. For Siemens, we are a multinational company. We do not have a short-term career, we are a long-term career, and we should focus on the future. For the global economy, we believe that in the next few years, the global economic center will shift to Asia, especially China. China has a very important strategic position for us, which can be seen through many newspaper reports

with regard to China's domestic market, we see that China's economic stimulus plan is also very effective. We think it will help China achieve economic recovery and further promote the healthy development of China's economy. We are also very encouraged to see the rapid introduction of this measure. Of course, China's economy is an export-oriented economy, mainly exporting to Europe and the United States, so it has also been affected. As a transnational corporation, we can play an important role in helping China's economy recover. I also believe that transnational corporations are an indispensable force that can help China's economy achieve stable development, especially under the current situation

although the global investment has declined, especially some multinational companies, such as Intel and Siemens, we have not actually reduced our investment in China. In fact, we will invest 1.35 billion yuan in China this year, mainly to manufacture some energy equipment, so I think Siemens can also play an important role in it. We also believe that stimulating the domestic manufacturing plan of smelting equipment and hot rolling mills is a good opportunity in itself, especially for multinational corporations. We very much believe that issues such as urbanization, urbanization with excellent elasticity and multiple hardness options, environmental protection and population aging are great challenges facing the Chinese government, and we, as multinational corporations, can provide help in these areas. We can learn from all over the world. We also believe that there are many economic plans for different tests. Our investment in these standards is different. We will invest in the field of environmental protection. As a multinational company, we also believe that Siemens is one of the largest environmental protection enterprises in the world and can become a partner with the Chinese government

we also want to point out that we must be very cautious, because there is still a potential possibility of protectionism. I think it is time to overcome the crisis. I very much agree with my Chinese colleagues that multinational companies should not be excluded from the stimulus plan, and we do not feel that we are excluded. We have seen that many materials beside the development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of commerce can be developed and utilized. Speakers have stressed that for foreign-funded enterprises, they will enjoy the same treatment as Chinese companies, which is very important. Because Siemens has 40000 employees in China, and 99.5% of the employees are local employees in China. We also firmly believe that we can make our contribution to education and innovation

finally, there is an old Chinese saying that we are all in the same boat. Now, especially in such a difficult time, multinational companies should cooperate with Chinese companies and the government. In fact, we should work together to win. Thank you

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