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Siemens launched the first social game plantville to stimulate people's interest in science and technology. On the morning of March 25, Beijing time, the German manufacturing giant Siemens today announced the first manufacturer of our experimental machines. This is also a social game plantville

Siemens said that this game will not charge any fees, nor will it follow Zynga and other game manufacturers to sell virtual goods, just to stimulate people's interest in mathematics, science and technology to reduce recall risk and cultivate a new generation of factory managers

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plantville, director of Siemens marketing and communications, said that plantville has been launched in 27 countries and has more than 1000 reliable players

to the horror of Zynga and other social game manufacturers, plantville does not seem to be an educational game launched by Siemens on a whim. Varney said: we are thinking about getting involved in this field from a long-term perspective

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