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Siemens introduces a new type of shaft drive speed sensor

Siemens industrial automation group introduces a new type of shaft drive speed SMO sensor SITRANS ws300, which can provide continuous and accurate measurement results for industrial applications. The sensor can be used in combination with milltronics bw100, bw500 totalizer, SIWAREX FTC PLC module and milltronics belt scale. The SITRANS ws300 has four different resolutions 32, 256, 1000 and 2000 (pulse/Rev) to provide accurate detection for low, medium and high speed applications. The weight of this sensor is only 1.22kg, which is the lightest of the similar conveyor belt speed measurement sensors in the market. The ultra light weight extends the service life of the bearing, thus reducing the overall cost. The new sensor is designed with a cast aluminum housing, which is durable and suitable for heavy industry and outdoor installation applications. Stainless steel housings are also available for demanding industrial and food process applications. Sit has no obvious earthquake source and electromagnetic interference. RANS ws300 has obtained dust explosion-proof certification IP65 and NEMA 4x, and is applicable to almost any field such as mineral processing, cement, food and chemical industry

sitrans ws300 can be directly coupled to the tail of the rotating shaft or the pulley bearing of the conveyor belt to ensure accurate reading of the travel of the conveyor belt and avoid problems caused by belt slip or material accumulation. The sensor can detect the speed of the conveyor belt and take the detected results as the input of the integrator, so as to realize the calculation of the flow, total weight, belt load and belt speed by the integrator. SITRANS ws30 can also be combined with milltronics bw100 new national standard, which is basically based on GB8624 (2) 006 standard, BW our machine support parameter stable 500 integrator or siware FTC PLC module and milltronics belt weigher to form a complete weighing system

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