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Siemens helped Maolin become the largest producer of cultural paper. Therefore, South Korea Maolin Paper Group has signed a contract with Siemens Industrial Solutions Group. Siemens will provide a full set of transmission solutions for its new paper production line PM1. The new paper production line will be installed in Donghai pulp mill in Ulsan, South Korea, and can be used to produce coated and uncoated cultural paper. The pulp mill plans to produce about 450000 tons of cultural paper every year from the spring of 2011. At that time, this new production line will help Maolin Paper Group become the largest cultural paper producer in Korea

in recent years, South Korea Maolin Paper Group has developed rapidly, and its products cover pulp, paperboard and cultural paper. The production capacity of Donghai new paper machine PM1 will be further improved after it is put into operation. The production line includes 1 paper machine, 1 off-line coater, 2 calenders, 1 coiler and 2 rewinder. Siemens will provide a complete set of transmission solutions for the whole production line "This combination can be used to create new visual and tactile component feature solutions for thermoplastic composites in a single process step. Siemens drive solutions will use sipaper solutions developed specifically for pulp and paper production. This solution integrates the first segment drive technology based on the frequency conversion series sinamicss120cm, and an automated control system suitable for pulp and paper based on PCS7. In addition, Ximen It is also responsible for engineering design, commissioning and operator training

the mechanical part of the production line is provided by Voith Paper Technology Co., Ltd. according to article 7.2.7 of jjg556 ⑵ 011. The paper machine is 9300mm wide, the design speed is 1500m/min, and the production paper weight is 75~150g/m2. After the mechanical performance of Donghai new paper machine PM1 was put into operation, and the existing production lines in Jinzhou (PM1 to PM3) and Daegu (PM1 and PM2) of South Korea, Maolin Paper Group's annual production capacity will exceed 1million tons

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