In the first seven months of the fire, major strat

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In the first seven months, major strategic support projects completed an investment of 14.5 billion

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since this year, Cangzhou has taken high-quality projects as a strong support to promote high-quality development, carefully organized, scientifically scheduled, and fully promoted the pace of key project construction. By the end of July, 52 major strategic support projects in the city had actually completed an investment of 14.5 billion

among the major strategic support projects, the Grand Canal cultural belt construction project has been fully launched. Among them, the ecological restoration and environmental remediation of the Grand Canal in the main urban area (Nanguan Tongjia garden) has completed the construction of the basic terrain; The comprehensive treatment of the urban area of the south canal, the extraction of conductors and isolation layer (if any) project (Jiefang Bridge - Huanghe Road and bridge) has completed the cofferdam drainage, and the river dredging is under way; The Grand Canal exhibition area phase I reconstruction and upgrading project (Yuhe area) is under construction in the parking lot; The dredging and restoration of rivers and landscape construction along the canals such as Wuqiao, Botou, Dongguang and Cangxian are being stepped up. Beijing Cangzhou Bohai New Area biomedical industrial park has signed a total of 145 projects with a total investment of 45billion, of which 51 projects have been started and completed. The R & D center, textile exhibition center and garden in garden of the first phase of Pearl International Garment ecological new city have all been put into operation, and more than 40 self built plants have started construction

55 provincial key projects completed an investment of 14.084 billion, 76.9% of the annual plan. Baoding Laifu Group Auto Parts Industrial Park, Kemai rubber new materials and other 18 plans to launch new projects to strengthen cooperation with central enterprises, famous enterprises, internationally renowned research institutions and multinational companies, and all mo0.005 projects have been started, with an operating rate of 100%. Cangzhou section of shihengcang port Intercity Railway began land acquisition and demolition of the whole line

220 municipal key projects have invested 262 steel doors with 17 parts 800 million, accounting for 70.66% of the annual plan. Dongguang packaging equipment manufacturing industry demonstration base, Renqiu Wanda Plaza and other 120 planned new projects have all started construction, with an operating rate of 100%. The Evergrande cultural tourism city (phase I) Convention and Exhibition Center project with a total investment of 5billion, the basic construction of colorful Huaxia business street project has been completed, the pile foundation construction of the main castle project, the roofing of three areas of Xinggang Huitong business street, and the steel structure on the top of the sports and fitness center project have been completed

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