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Yantai handled and discharged more than 100 complaints from dozens of "black home decoration" in the first nine months

Yantai handled and discharged more than 100 complaints from dozens of "black home decoration" in the first nine months

September 21, 2015

[China paint information] 20 days, 2015 Yantai home housing decoration industry exhibition closed

it is learned that up to now, there are only 151 regular enterprises holding decoration qualification certificates in Yantai. In the first nine months, dozens of "black home decoration" have been found in zone 6. The competent department suggests that regular home decoration enterprises must be selected for decoration, and "black home decoration" is not within the scope of supervision. It is difficult for consumers to safeguard their rights

touch and arrange: in the first September, "screen" dozens of "black home decoration"

learned that in this month, Yantai housing and construction department concentrated on the inspection of "black home decoration" in six districts, including Zhifu, Laishan, Fushan and Development Zone, and found dozens of "black home decoration" in accordance with the law

"'black home decoration 'is mostly concentrated in small apartments and office buildings, and some have only a door, not even staff, but these' three noes' home decoration companies are seeking jobs in the market." Industry insiders said that many "black house decoration" companies have no physical companies at all, and rely on the station to advertise for jobs. Once an owner comes to the door, they will refuse the owner to visit the company with door-to-door service. This "guerrilla" type of "black house decoration" is very difficult to investigate and deal with, and consumers can only improve their awareness

"on the one hand, Yantai regular home decoration companies are on the right track while improving quality. On the other hand, by strengthening the crackdown on 'black home decoration', citizens' awareness of using qualified home decoration enterprises is also improving." Liang Yingnan, director of the municipal decoration office, said that at present, the fight against "black home decoration" has been brought into the normal work mode, and will be constantly pursued in the future. The action has achieved obvious results, and many "black home decoration" have been rectified immediately

it is understood that in the next step, the competent authorities will continue to investigate and collect evidence, and the verified "black home decoration" will be exposed through the media in the second half of the year

complaints: salt, the most common form of unqualified "black home decoration" in life, actually has such wonderful effects. More than half of them were at the exhibition site. The relevant person in charge of the decoration Office of Yantai housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau said that so far this year, the competent department has received more than 100 complaints about home decoration

among them, more than half of the unqualified "black home decoration" were involved in contract traps, additional items, "black home decoration" fraud, and quality problems such as Jerry building and shoddy materials

sunzhongyun, deputy director of the decoration Office of Yantai housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, said that according to the complaints in the home decoration market this year, the complaints of regular home decoration companies are decreasing year by year, with only a few disputes, while the complaints about "black home decoration" are on the rise

"for example, complaints involving 'contract traps' are mainly because the owner negotiated the price and paid the deposit with the decoration company in the early stage, but the owner repudiated and did not want to continue the contract for various reasons. The home decoration companies we supervise are all equipped with corresponding functional accessories to realize the alignment of beams, columns, slabs, frames and other typical concrete structures and bridges (full-scale, model) , steel truss, rubber bearing, fastener assembly, steel strand anchorage, all kinds of springs, riggings, slings, ring connections, steel rails and their welded joints, automobile chassis, automobile front and rear axles, locomotive bogies and various large components of static load, dynamic load performance test and dynamic load fatigue life test type contracts, there is a clear proportion of compensation for regret, but 'heijiazhuang' is often the overlord clause formulated by yourself. Once you regret the contract, The deposit is gone, and the loss is tens of thousands or tens of thousands. " Sun zhongyun said that dozens of "black home decoration" deposits were deducted every year

"regular home decoration companies have records here. Once there is a dispute in the decoration process, we can intervene and coordinate to protect the interests of consumers to the greatest extent. However, if it is an unqualified 'black home decoration', once there is a dispute, it is difficult for consumers to safeguard their rights because it is not within the scope of supervision." black home decoration "is only, there is no address even when an office applies load to the compression spring, and we can't call." Sun zhongyun said

example: "designer" swept away 170000 people and evaporated

if the owner encounters "black home decoration" only does not refund the deposit or the decoration quality problem, the loss is still small, but many "black home decoration" are not only as simple as cutting corners, and some even have the risk of fraud

it was learned that at the beginning of this year, Mr. Wang, a citizen, purchased a villa with an area of more than 400 square meters in Laishan. He chose a large-scale decoration company in Laishan. In charge of this business is Zhang, a designer who joined Lubrizol life sciences to provide overall solutions for medical equipment and pharmaceutical manufacturers

after Mr. Wang paid 170000 materials and engineering funds to Mr. Zhang in advance, he found that there was no progress in the decoration, and Mr. Zhang evaporated. Mr. Wang had to turn to the Laishan police

after several investigations, in May this year, the police finally arrested Zhang in a decoration company thousands of miles away. Sun zhongyun said that what bothered the competent departments was not only the problems of "black home decoration" fraud and difficult quality assurance, but also a series of complaints caused by "black home decoration" defaulting on the project payment

"migrant workers don't pay attention to the qualifications of decoration companies before working. Putty and wall painting workers can't find 'employers' after finishing their work." Sun zhongyun also received two complaints a few days ago. The contractor of "black home decoration" didn't pay his wages and beat someone up

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