In the first quarter, XCMG lifting machinery ranke

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In the first quarter, XCMG lifting machinery ranked first in the industry and achieved high-quality growth across the board

in the first quarter, XCMG lifting machinery ranked first in the industry and achieved high-quality growth across the board

behind the leadership of China Construction machinery information

is that XCMG lifting machinery uses "good products", "good technology" and "good marketing" to ensure user value and revenue

The greater the value of

e, the more XCMG cranes are recognized by users? How popular is it? A group of figures illustrate the problem

in 2018, XCMG crane products were out of stock across the board; Both domestic sales and exports have reached the best level in history. According to statistics, the sales volume of various products has exceeded 4000, and the sales of the four product lines of wheeled cranes, crawler cranes, tower cranes and port machinery have increased significantly year-on-year, with growth rates of 91.4%, 62.8%, 124.2% and 149.6% respectively

XCMG crane

why is it so popular? On the one hand, the good market can bring tangible benefits and value to users, which is the real hard truth

whether the market is good or bad, XCMG has always adhered to the proposition of "customer value first" and promoted win-win cooperation between users and enterprises by focusing on value, technology and quality. This has not only created a "new benchmark" for the improvement of the industry's business quality, but also gradually changed the traditional and radical promotion mode of the industry with practical actions, and guided the industry into the right track of "value competition"

price war hurts both enterprises and users; The industry must jump out of the vicious circle of price competition

according to the latest survey of the survey, for "in the next few years, in China's construction machinery industry, which sub sectors of the price war will continue to exist or even escalate?" For this problem, 83.7% of people think it is excavator, 60.2% of people think it is aerial work equipment, 56.1% of people think it is loader, while crane ranks eighth, and only 11.2% of people think it will fight a price war

XCMG equipment

when the "price and financing policy" was still playing a leading role in the promotion conference of excavator and loader industry, the crane field, which had been "suffering" from price competition in the past few years, was the first to get out of the quagmire of price competition! Why on earth

at the China top 100 hoisting summit five years ago, a sentence from the user stung the hearts of XCMG executives: "the disorderly competition in the industry is caused by manufacturers. If you don't cut prices and pay zero down, how can so many people who are unable to operate cranes enter the industry blindly?" Learning from the bitter experience, XCMG must take the lead in quitting the traditional marketing mode and concentrate all its energy on strengthening technology, quality and service

with this idea, XCMG hoisting machinery began to focus on "creating value by products", "improving revenue by services" and "shaping the threshold of competition by brand". In April, 2016, XCMG's latest g-generation crane, with the advantages of "high quality, high energy saving, high efficiency, intelligence and humanization", enables users to form a competitive barrier in "products" - not only to do jobs that other people can't do, but also to work better, faster and better than other brand products

customers visit XCMG equipment

according to statistics, among the users of generation G products, their overall annual yield and attendance rate are significantly higher than those of other products; In particular, the user's profit level and profit scale exceeded the owner's expectations

g generation products have opened a "new era for the realization of the new value of China's lifting machinery" with quality and performance; It also makes the "shift fee competition" that has plagued users for a long time continue to collapse, and the era of high-profit, sustainable and high-quality development of users is quietly coming

in order to ensure the interests and value of users, from 2018, XCMG lifting machinery changed its previous "sales model" and launched a "strict audit system" for users - selling products to users who are really interested in long-term development in the lifting field, rather than speculative users; Only in this way can we ensure the benign competition in the downstream hoisting industry and the income of users

XCMG hoisting machinery has the confidence to do so. Why? Although XCMG is unique in the crane industry - it has always occupied a high position in the market; But in essence, XCMG crane does not pursue absolute sales, but pays more attention to "high-quality development" and "enterprise value improvement"

XCMG crane

in two years, g generation products, which are positioned at the middle and high end, have performed strongly in the market. From the rush buying of small and medium tonnage to the world record breaking of kiloton class, XCMG has the strength to ensure that it is the "best option" for users with technological breakthroughs and product upgrades. At the same time, after several twists and turns, the needs and purchase standards of users in China's hoisting industry have further matured and upgraded again - compared with the previous "price first factor", at present, "overall value realization" has become a key link that users attach more importance to and determine their overall income. To sum up, China's crane industry "takes the lead in the whole industry" and takes the lead in getting out of the quagmire of "low-end price war"

value marketing, leading the industry's new benchmark

Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, said: "XCMG carries the ardent care and expectations of the party and state leaders, takes it as its own responsibility to revitalize China's equipment industry and move towards industry 4.0 - systematic and automated mold design and manufacturing industry, and continues to move towards a new journey of high-quality development." At the beginning of 2018, in the face of another surging price war, sunjianzhong, vice president of XCMG machinery and general manager of the hoisting machinery business department, resolutely put forward new requirements to all marketing officers and men: "we must not follow the old path, and do value marketing if we want!"

at the same time, a value marketing action unprecedented in the industry is in full swing! What is value marketing? In short, it is to change the previous low threshold sales, provide customers with the most valuable products and services, and create an unrepeatable competitive advantage. At present, XCMG has cooperated with authoritative institutions to do a lot of research on the bottleneck problems faced by industry users, and conveyed the most real industry development trends and rational investment suggestions to users

XCMG is not only the "seller" of crane products, but also the "partner" in the process of user growth, profitability and development. XCMG, with decades of experience and professionalism, wants to sell cranes to appropriate users; With zl At the same time, it is more important to guide users to choose products correctly

"do not blindly pursue sales, do not blindly promote and overdraw the market", XCMG's move has been widely endorsed and actively responded by all sectors of the industry. From the Pearl River Delta to the Yangtze River Delta, and then to the rapidly rising Beijing Tianjin Hebei and xiong'an new area, thousands of users went to the development exchange meeting site to rationally plan the hoisting operation

high end, high technology, 5 billion innovation investment in 10 years

XCMG is to be Rolls Royce and the preferred brand in the crane industry

behind the long-term high market share is the technical confidence of "creating higher value for customers" created by XCMG with its unique dedication and dedication. Some media commented that for decades, XCMG has used its "one track" dedication to create incomparable and fascinating properties, making graphene a promising preparation material in various practical applications and leading edge of heavy machinery technology. Over the past 10 years, XCMG has invested nearly 5billion yuan in innovation, built a national technology center and a global collaborative R & D system, owned the industry's only State Key Laboratory for intelligent manufacturing of high-end construction machinery, gathered a team of high-end experts and talents who enjoy state subsidies, as well as top talents in R & D, manufacturing, quality management, skill masters and other professional fields at home and abroad, and created the industry's only high-end crane technology platform

XCMG crane

when it comes to technology platform, it may be full of strangeness for the construction machinery industry. XCMG G technology platform is the planning of the whole life cycle of products. All products selectively share the most advanced technology, comply with high positioning design, undergo high-intensity experiments, strictly abide by high specification standards, achieve high performance indicators, and reflect high value connotation. The technology sprinkled on this platform has won the national science and Technology Progress Award three times

recently, the national development and Reform Commission released the annual evaluation results of the national enterprise technology center. XCMG ranked first again in the construction machinery industry with a comprehensive score of 90.5

good quality, each XCMG crane is the highest quality standard

Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, has always stressed: "in order to create products that are 'technologically advanced and indestructible', we should not only look at the results, but also pay more attention to the process; we should not only look at the surface, but also at the back; we should not only focus on the big picture, but also pay more attention to the details." In XCMG hoisting machinery division, quality is a project personally supervised by the general manager. At the monthly production and marketing balance meeting and the weekly special quality meeting, there is strict supervision on quality prevention and control, quality process control and quality problem tracing, and quality accountability is not ambiguous

stable process quality is the foundation to support capacity improvement and product reliability. XCMG subverted the traditional management methods of the industry, innovated the quality management mode, and systematically and orderly promoted it from four aspects: top-level design, data monitoring, assurance capability, and change management. Set up a review team composed of technology, process, quality, branch factories, services and other departments, form a list of new quality control points in the manufacturing process and outsourcing manufacturers based on the four principles of key, special, error correction and prevention, promote the allocation of resources and the improvement of testing ability, and gradually build a perfect quality control point control system based on quality risk control and prevention management

in addition, reliable parts are the source of ensuring product quality. XCMG crane focuses on building thresholds, grasping management, controlling risks and strengthening certification, and focuses on solving the quality shortcomings of supporting parts. A "four in one" quality evaluation index system has been established, including the one-time acceptance rate, zero kilometer fault feedback rate, external fault feedback rate and market service repair request rate, to ensure that all accessories must be of high quality at the moment of entering the plant

XCMG crane production workshop

recently, Xuzhou received the reply from the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, approving the preparation of the "national construction machinery product quality supervision and inspection center". This is also the second national comprehensive property inspection institution of construction machinery products in China after Beijing national construction machinery quality inspection center. This will also drive the high-quality development of the construction machinery cluster led by XCMG, actively occupy the global commanding heights, grasp the technological voice, and promote Xuzhou to move towards a world-class advanced equipment manufacturing base

intelligent manufacturing, whole process, automation, standardization, flexible quality assurance

on March 4, 2018, CCTV's "great power heavy equipment 2" reported the world's first intelligent turntable production line in 10 minutes. In the 100 meter long crane turntable intelligent production line, flexible workpiece pallets, 168 fixed points on the pallet can accurately jam each turntable workpiece, and 18 processes can be completed at one go. The intelligent rail guided vehicle carrying the workpiece tray will automatically dock with the welding workstation to complete the intelligent operation, and the docking accuracy is 0.01 degrees. As the world's first turntable intelligent production line, the annual operating mileage here will reach 1933 kilometers, with a daily output of 40 crane turntables, ranking first in the world

CCTV's "great power and heavy equipment 2" spent up to 10 minutes introducing XCMG's world's first intelligent turntable production line

in recent years, the continuous practice of "leading technology and indestructible use" has made XCMG cranes in the high-end market

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