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People: there is no way for Nippon fake paint to return, and there is no way to promise a fine of ten for a fake one

people: there is no way for Nippon fake paint to return, and there is no way to promise a fine of ten for a fake one

March 1, 2012

[China paint information] Nippon China made a commitment of "one for ten for a fake one" to consumers all over the country. After the people learned that, together with consumers, they asked the Nippon franchise store to return the fake paint they had previously purchased, but there was no way to return it

in February, the error of the installation perpendicularity on the left will affect the top note of the experimental machine. On the 29th, the customer called Nippon China return customer service (), and the customer service personnel connected. Provide Nippon customer service with the exclusive store where they buy fake paint, and reduce the source address and time of possible problems, as well as the product identification code information on Nippon barrels. The customer service staff of Nippon China then inquired according to the product identification code and informed that the product identification number could not be inquired, and the paint purchased from the above exclusive stores was fake paint

then, the customer service was asked about the relevant return process, but the customer service said that it needed to consult the relevant departments of Nippon China before being informed, and then the customer service remained unanswered. The return consultation failed

in order to further verify Nippon China's commitment of "one fake and ten fines", we went to Nippon China's franchise store in Sihui building materials market with consumers. At the scene, the store has been suspended. Found the general agent of Nippon (7) construction steel and its connectors in Sihui building materials market in China, took the receipt provided by the store and asked for the return of goods, but the general agent refused the above request, saying that the product paint was not purchased in this store and should be returned from the original store

told the general agent that the aforementioned franchise store involved in the case had been suspended by Nippon China, and hoped to handle the return of goods at the general agent of Nippon China Sihui building materials city. The general agent was surprised to learn that, in fact, the franchise store involved was still open and could handle returns. Subsequently, the general agent called Sihui's franchised store dealers involved in the case, proposed that they could handle the return request, and received a positive reply from the franchised store involved


Nippon promises to build a clean and healthy sales channel to "lose ten for one fake"

does Nippon want to give consumers a "color" if it loses integrity

Nippon said that it would not shirk its responsibility for selling fake paint and promised to "pay ten for one fake"

the franchise store involved in Nippon was still open.

the company served food and health products, personal care, feed, medical equipment, cars, coatings and paint, electronics and electrical Life protection Nippon admitted to suspending the agency qualification of dealers involved in the case by selling fake products

Nippon emphasized the method of product authenticity identification to ensure consumers' correct understanding of the store

the secret of Nippon store: fake paint is sold quietly

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