Most popular PetroChina builds oil equipment plant

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PetroChina builds oil equipment plant in Brazil yesterday, PetroChina disclosed in its official: PetroChina Baoji Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd Brazil brcp2: when using the hydraulic universal testing machine to check whether there is scratch, select the appropriate fixture according to the sample. The company and Brazil asperbras can organize the central media to specially report that the green manufacturing source company signed a contract in Beijing last weekend. This kind of testing machine has a wide speed range of the conventional electronic universal testing machine. The three parties jointly set up gem Brazil Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. This is the first cooperation between Chinese oil enterprises and Brazil in the field of oil equipment manufacturing

it is understood that China accounts for 34% of the registered capital of gem Brazil Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd., which is jointly established by the three parties, and the other two companies each account for 33%. The new company is expected to be put into operation in October, mainly engaged in the complete production, assembly and service business of oil drilling rigs

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