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Common and difficult to deal with bar problems in printing

printing four-color flat stack black and black bite 23cm has two light color horizontal bars. The machine is xl105, and the mechanic can't figure it out. Finally, the color is changed and the printing group is checked. There is a problem in the black group, but it can't find the problem. Ask a master to analyze it

answer: 1. Is the pressure of 5 relying on the version OK? Let's see if the pressure of the ink roller is too great

2. Personally, I don't think machine repair is very professional for pressure, because he didn't check the pressure of the same ink string on the plate, and since it's a shallow bar, it should be a water bar. Hey, I don't know where to analyze it. Who knows which reverse zigzag experimental machine is to find through the bar width and rubber bar diameter. 1. Generally, it is used for compression resistance, pressure holding, bending resistance, tearing and peeling of metal and non-metal composite materials and products, rubber and other industrial materials How about the quality of our machines in terms of adhesion and shear force? Is the price high? Can the service life be guaranteed? Are these the principles that new customers are worried about

3. Is the light ink bar water bar? Check the water roller

4. The horizontal bars are generally ink bars or water bars. Generally, the reason for this is that the rubber roller jitters due to uneven pressure

5. Take off the bachelor and print in dry water. See if the bar is still there

6. The bar is one of the most difficult offset printing faults. I can only suggest you to check all the pressure lines between rollers. 2、 Check the bearing for looseness. 3、 Check the roll hardness change. Such as pressure bar and impact bar. You don't have to worry about that

7. Check the pressure of the ink roller and the surface state of the ink roller, and try to keep the water as small as possible during printing

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