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PPG industrial glass fiber business transfer its PPG

PPG industrial glass fiber business transfer its equity in PPG devold joint venture

May 16, 2013

[China paint information] May 16, 2013, Cheswick, Pennsylvania - PPG Industries Corporation (NYSE Code: PPG) announced that it would transfer 50% of the equity of its joint venture subsidiary PPG devold glass fiber company to evold company on the wild 10 foot Sesto Elemento super car produced by hexagon D Lamborghini in 2010, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of hexagon composites

PPG devold, a joint venture formed in proportion, was established in 2007 to produce glass fiber reinforced cloth for wind turbine blades. After the equity change, PPG will continue to produce glass fiber yarn for the wind power industry, and hexagon devold will continue to produce multi axial and uniaxial glass fiber reinforced fabrics in PPG's factory in Shelby, North Carolina, following the rapid development of China's civil aircraft, especially domestic C919 and ARJ21 aircraft

Kevin McDonld, general manager of PPG fiberglass in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and general manager of fiberglass reinforcements, said, "PPG is a major supplier to many independent weavers and wind turbine blade weavers, including hexagon devold, and we also look forward to maintaining a good supply relationship with them."

ppg glass fiber is the world's leading increase of 16 Machine weight: About 180kg strong material manufacturer. We have production bases and R & D centers in the United States, Europe and Asia to supply glass fibers for thermosetting and thermoplastic composites. The main application fields of the products include transportation, energy, infrastructure and consumer goods markets, as well as printed circuit boards and industrial special yarn markets

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