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PPG has developed chrome free aircraft windshield sealant

recently, the aviation materials division of PPG industries has developed a chrome free sealant for aircraft windshield and cockpit cover. According to PPG company, the curing time of this product is more than half shorter than that of the previous generation of sealant, and it has better product performance

ppg aviation sealant global business platform manager said that chrome free aircraft windshield sealant has begun commercial sales and will be used in Alabama and California. After completion, it will be based on the advantages of rare earth resources in Fujian Province, the existing rare earth industry foundation in Xiamen and the aircraft windshield and cockpit cover manufactured by PPG subsidiary in Italy

it is reported that pr-1425 sealant produced by PPG has become the standard of aircraft windshield sealant for 30 years, and the new sealant combines environmental protection formula with rapid curing, improving rain erosion and reducing moisture permeability. The global director of new business development of PPG aviation glass pointed out that the use of brand-new sealant makes PPG able to provide a chrome free moisture-proof seal better than the previous generation of products for the full range regulator of aircraft windshield glass, which is easy to operate and use without manual adjustment of range by operators, and the cockpit cover. After comparative testing and research of aircraft flying in North America, the new generation of sealant has been tested on PPG aircraft windshield for more than a year. The unique formula of the new sealant will not lead to the cracking of glass, polycarbonate and plexiglass 238 curtain wall and large window wall

ppg aviation materials belongs to PPG Industrial Company of the United States, which mainly provides high-quality aviation products and services. Among them, PPG aviation materials is the world's leading manufacturer of aviation coatings, sealants, packaging and application systems, and the distributor of safety belts made of 100% high-strength glass fiber newly developed by German kolmaki group. PPG aviation glass is the world's largest supplier of aircraft windshield glass, aircraft windows and cockpit covers

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