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PPG: pay attention to the cultivation of female leadership

ppg: pay attention to the cultivation of female leadership

November 4, 2010

[resin supplier such as hendo, which participated in the initial stage of China's coating investment, played an important role] as a world leading supplier of coatings and special products, PPG Industrial Company is not only committed to producing first-class products, but also pays attention to the internal development of the enterprise, creating a working atmosphere of continuous learning and welcoming the views of others. In 2010, PPG established the Asia Pacific women's Leadership Committee to attract, retain and promote potential women through course training, and help employees move towards higher success. On November 2, Sharon g. piciacchio, vice president of PPG industry company, visited people's Tianjin windows for a video interview to introduce how PPG leads a diverse staff team and explores women's potential

sharon g. piciacchio said that PPG creates an atmosphere that respects the value brought by a diverse staff team, so that we can explore all our potential - not only the potential of the company, but also the potential of individuals. PPG defines the diversity of employees as different. Differences in views, experiences, backgrounds and other aspects can bring benefits to the PPG team. Diversity also includes commonality. These similarities allow employees to find a common basis for effective cooperation to achieve business goals. As long as the diversity of PPG can be successfully utilized, people can increase creativity, solve problems better, improve productivity, reduce interpersonal conflicts, and enhance teamwork

sharon g. piciacchio specially introduced that PPG pays attention to the exploration of women's potential and the cultivation of professional ability, and carries out a number of curriculum activities through the PPG women's Leadership Committee to improve women's awakening in leadership and remove their own inherent ineffective behavior. For young women who have just started their career, Sharon g. piciacchio gave his advice: first and foremost, it is result oriented, and we should always keep our personal efforts consistent with our goals. Second, improve the ability of on-site speech and effective communication. Third, often let yourself get rid of the "comfortable environment" and maintain a business role. Fourth, Note we know that the mechanical locking structure is: Chevron (i.e. rib pays attention to appearance, and remember to "dress up for success". Fifth, find a career guide, "this person can point out your work, nominate you for promotion, and get new opportunities". Sixth, if you encounter a conflict between work and life, you should communicate with your superiors in a timely and true manner, and keep frank and sincere to the company. Seventh, don't be afraid to show your ideas, "Your ideas will be very valuable to the success of the company and your personal success," said Sharon g. piciacchio, who has few professional and technical talents

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