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PPG industry completed the acquisition of Comex

2014 On November 7, Pittsburgh, the United States - PPG industries (NYSE Code: PPG) recently announced that it had completed the acquisition of Mexican architectural coating manufacturer consorcio Comex, S.A. de C.V. ("Comex"), with a total value of $2.3 billion

charles E. bunch, chairman and CEO of PPG industries, said, "we are very happy to successfully complete this acquisition. This is the second largest acquisition transaction in PPG's history, which has established our leading position in the construction coating market in Mexico and Central America. We also look forward to working with Comex team to jointly promote business integration."

comex company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of unqualified experimental results of coatings and related products, and the products are sold to Mexico and the whole Central America. The company has about 3700 stores, of which more than 700 are franchised stores. COMEX also sells products to customers through regional retailers, wholesalers and direct sales channels. At present, the company has about 3900 employees, 8 production plants and 6 distribution centers, with sales of about US $1billion in 2013. COMEX is a private enterprise established in 1952

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ppg: innovation, as you can see, the goal of PPG Industrial Company is to continue to maintain its position as the world's leading supplier of coatings and special materials. With its leading position in innovation, sustainable development and color, PPG helps customers from industry, transportation, consumer goods, construction and other fields and their after-sales markets to improve the appearance of products in various forms. Founded in 1883, PPG industries is headquartered in Pittsburgh, USA, with production bases and subsidiaries in nearly 70 countries around the world. According to the financial report, in 2013, the company actively expanded its use field worldwide, with net sales of US $15.1 billion. PPG is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (Stock Code: PPG). For more information, please browse www.p to minimize weak links or, and follow PPG to automatically record the change of friction coefficient in the friction process twitter @ppgindustries

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