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PPG industrial chopped fiber products have added new members

the glass fiber division of PPG industrial company recently announced the launch of three new chopvantage (R) chopped fiber products to further expand its glass fiber chopped series. Following the grand promotion at the "2012 JEC European composites Exhibition" in Paris last week, PPG recently exhibited these three new products again at the "npe2012 American International Plastics Exhibition" (sponsored by SPI - American Plastics Industry Association) in Orlando

"the chopped glass fiber products of chopvantage series are famous for their high physical properties such as hydrolysis resistance, high temperature resistance and easy processing," said Mr. co den besten, global business director of PPG, who is responsible for the thermoplastic chopped glass fiber business: "The three new short cut glass fiber materials launched this time make the product line of this series more complete. At the same time, we are glad to see that today, with the increasingly prominent demand for lightweight, we have developed more PPG short cut glass fiber products with top thermoplastic properties in the foreseeable future to meet the broader needs of users."

choopvantage hp3270 chopped glass fiber with a monofilament diameter of 10 microns is widely used in polypropylene (P.P.) modified plastics, which can greatly improve its physical properties and improve the performance of dry molding (dam) materials. If this product is used to make general or hot washing modified plastic products, the performance of the product can also be improved perfectly. The terminal application objects are mainly automobiles and household appliances, which are commonly used in washing machines, dryers and other products with special requirements for white appearance

choopvantage hp3613 chopped glass fiber has a monofilament diameter of 13 microns. Like the same series of hp3610 chopped glass fiber, PPG's exclusive patent developed wetting agent is used. This product is often used to strengthen polyamide (nylon) products. It can maintain excellent hydrolysis resistance for a long time in the low temperature environment of the cooling system, and fully meets the relevant requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the European Union for food and drinking water safety

choopvantage hp3730 glass fiber chopped products can improve the dry molding performance (dam) of products, and can provide superior hydrolysis resistance when combined with thermoplastic polyester resin, such as polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), etc. In addition, it can significantly improve the physical properties of biodegradable plastic products such as polylactic acid (PLA), polyhydroxyalkanes (PHAs), polyethylene terephthalate (PTTs). Due to its excellent performance, this product is widely used in a series of high-end fields, such as transportation, electrical and electronic equipment, computer casings and internal components

mr. Gerald Marino, global business director of PPG fiberglass transportation and consumer market, said: "We are committed to providing customers with the best product solutions, so that our customers can better meet their customer needs. PPG's expanding short cut glass fiber product line will help our system's fire performance meet the relevant national laws and regulations, and customers will be more successful in the long-term development and business expansion of the glass fiber reinforced product market."

ppg glass fiber is a leading material manufacturer in the world. Most developed countries adopt the material development strategy of "developing one batch, storing one batch, and utilizing one batch". We have production bases and R & D centers in the United States, Europe and Asia to supply glass fibers for thermosetting and thermoplastic composites. The main application fields of the products include transportation, energy, infrastructure and consumer market, printed circuit board and industrial special yarn market

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