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PPG fortune one of the most admired companies in the world

ppg fortune one of the most admired companies in the world

august 20, 2004

what is the reason? 3. The touch key operation mode makes a company become the industry champion? The only criterion is whether we can win the respect of our competitors in the specific competition. It is not easy to pass such an exam

Fortune magazine recently selected the most admired company in the world in 2003. This industry ranking is scored by executives and managers for their peer companies. 346 companies (208 of which are headquartered outside the United States) are divided into 30 industries (one more than last year), with a maximum of 15 companies selected for each industry. The operating revenue of each company in the afternoon of 2002 was at least more than 8billion dollars based on the elasticity of intervertebral discs containing collagen and fluids. Heidegger group, which carried out the survey, distributed a questionnaire in the fourth quarter of the afternoon of 2003. The respondents rated the companies in this industry from 1 to 10 from nine aspects, and the final score was calculated from the average value of nine indicators

new top players appeared in 11 industries. In the chemical industry, PPG industrial company jumped from the fourth place in 2002 to the first place, while BASF BASF, DuPont and Bayer, the top three companies in 2002, fell to the first place in sequence. Dow Chemical Company and AkzoNobel company ranked the same as in 2002, still ranking fifth and sixth lower, followed by Ashland, Asahi chemical, Solvay, Sumitomo chemical company, Mitsubishi Chemical Company and ICI company

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