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PPG industrial coating station in the United States was officially launched

on October 12, 2009, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the industrial coating business department of PPG industrial company officially launched the station. The station shows the synthetic cost of PPG liquid coating and powder coating, which are suitable for auto parts, household appliances, consumer electronics, sporting goods, sportswear, heavy machinery and other applications. The synthetic cost of these biological composites is equivalent to or slightly less than that of pure chemical polymer materials, electrophoretic paint, pretreatment and engineering products

Angelabehrens, head of market communications for fuel tank components in PPG's industrial coatings business department, said that the station would provide an overview of PPG's global business strength in terms of products, technologies and markets. "PPG industrial coatings are widely used in many industries. This station helps to 'streamline' the process for manufacturers in the supply chain and spray coating manufacturers at all levels, so that they can better understand PPG, such as the standard gb/t14730 (2) 000 for anchorages. At the same time, it also enables us to participate more in the development of their global coating strategy."

visitors can view products, technologies and end-user markets through the foreign products on the page and there are many missing links. In addition, PPG's email and contact information around the world can be easily queried on this site

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