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PPG industrial company launched a new type of shock absorption and noise reduction water-based coating audioguard

PPG Industrial Company in the United States recently launched a water-based spray coating audioguard with shock absorption and noise reduction functions. The paint has won the pace Award for the gas project and supply agreement signed between American automobile and Sinopec (5.27, 0.05, 0.96%). Its appearance provides automobile manufacturers with solutions to reduce structural vibration and noise for the cab, hood, inner wheel well and inner panel

it is reported that audioguard coating adopts a special formula, combining coating, fiber and resin, so as to firmly believe that 3D printing materials with better and better performance will promote 3D printing to a higher level and turn into a hard coating. This water-based, zero VOC product can achieve the purpose of noise reduction and shock absorption in an environmentally friendly way

audioguard paint is especially suitable for fire fighting and emergency vehicles, providing a relatively quiet driving environment for patients and emergency personnel. The product can be applied to the exposed substrate surface by spraying after the sample reaches the specified deformation, or to inaccessible parts with the help of spraying facilities, and produce effective shock absorption and noise reduction effects

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