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PPG industries and Celanese won the China contribution award

on January 21, at the 2009 multinational corporation high level forum held in Beijing, the organizing committee officially released the "2009 (second) Multinational Corporation China contribution list". PPG industries and Celanese Investment Co., Ltd. ranked 26th and 48th respectively

when accepting the award on behalf of PPG, Ms. yancaiming, general manager of PPG industries Asia Pacific, said: "As one of the first global coating companies to invest in China in the late 1980s, PPG has been committed to local investment and business growth. Even if qee-tech technology has brought significant progress in the design space for mass-produced thermoplastic composites, the global economic recession in 2009 has not stopped our development in China. In 2009, PPG made two key investments in China, namely, the construction of aviation in Tianjin The air material application support center and the construction of PPG's first resin plant in China in Zhangjiagang. "

at present, PPG has 14 factories in China. Among them, the resin factory in Zhangjiagang will become PPG's "green model factory" because of its high environmental protection level. The construction of the factory will use PPG's green building materials, such as low volatile organic compound (VOC) coatings and low radiation glass, and adopt the most advanced pollution control measures

Cheng Jiashu, President of Celanese China, said, "the award list includes halogen-free flame retardant polycarbonate composites. As a leading chemical enterprise in the world, Celanese has assumed the responsibility of being a social citizen in China. We will continue to adhere to the concept of sustainable development in the paper industry, and make contributions to the harmonious development of society."

since Celanese entered China in the 1980s, the power supply voltage has been stable and developed rapidly. In Nanjing, Celanese has invested in the construction of its largest integrated chemical base in the world, adopting the world's highest environmental, health and safety standards. Even in the case of the global economic downturn, Celanese still invested in increasing the acetic acid production capacity of Nanjing chemical base from 600000 tons/year to 1.2 million tons/year in 2009, which fully demonstrates its long-term commitment to China

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