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PPG held its first Innovation Summit in Switzerland, announcing a number of projects under research

PPG held its first Innovation Summit in Switzerland, announcing a number of projects under research

September 11, 2018

[China paint information] recently, PPG held its first Innovation Summit in Montreux, Switzerland, to provide customers in different sub markets with an overview of the innovative coatings and coating technologies the company is developing

PPG held the first Innovation Summit in Switzerland. Many research projects on aviation grade aluminum alloy thick plates were announced, most of which were rolled with heat-treatable aluminum alloy.

it is understood that during the three-day summit, PPG has been emphasizing innovative products and technologies, including:

1. Coatings that can change color according to thermochromic technology, only need to visually evaluate overheated objects

2. An automotive paint system that minimizes energy consumption, emissions and operating costs, including a system that reduces the energy consumption of automotive paint by 30 percent

With protective cover [universal material testing machine] has a powerful numerical control display system

3. A technology inspired by eggplant, which can make the solar heat pass through the surface pigment and reflect the heat from the surface of aircraft, cars and buildings at the same time

4. A coating technology that can make the wind turbine rotate faster and produce more energy

5. A coating that can repel substances, so that people can clean the car only by putting it in the rain or on the plane, so as to minimize the degree of icing during flight

6. A wall coating that requires more aldehyde to absorb nail

PPG executives attending the summit include PPG chairman and CEO. Even if we are Michael McGarry, David BEM, PPG Vice President/chief technology officer, and Jean Marie greindl, PPG senior vice president/President of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The summit was held on the occasion of the Omega European Golf masters sponsored by PPG

bem said at the meeting, "This summit provides us with an important opportunity to show how PPG operates in cutting-edge technology fields and how to find solutions that can affect all fields from aerospace to automotive, packaging to construction, not only next year, but also in the next 20 years. Our innovation is based on the universal goal of PPG to protect and beautify the world - to improve the environment, improve the quality of life, and provide products that meet customer needs."

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