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PPG has sold more than 94 million square feet of solarban 70xl glass

the industry's first optically controlled low radiation three silver coated glass still leads the market with outstanding performance

on June 14, 2011, Pittsburgh, USA - PPG industries (NYSE: PPG) announced that 94 million feet of solarban (R) 70xl glass had been sold. This product is the first light controlled low radiation three silver coated glass in the industry

since its first appearance at the 2005 International Green Building Conference and exhibition, solarban 70xl glass has set a new standard for the optical control performance of architectural glass with its clear and transparent appearance. Solarban 70xl glass has a solar thermal gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.27, a visible light transmittance (VLT) of 64%, and a light to heat ratio (LSG) of 2.37 - six years after its launch, this performance parameter is still unmatched by similar products

Glenn miner, director of PPG building and flat glass products, said that solarban 70xl has been applied to more than 300 commercial buildings. If these buildings use low radiation double silver coated glass, it is estimated that the owner will need to pay an additional $81million in heating and cooling costs. On the contrary, if light controlled low radiation three silver coated glass is applied, the average cost savings of each building will exceed $25million, which does not include the additional cost savings achieved by the owner by installing small and low-cost HVAC equipment

Miner said that solarban 70xl glass is the preferred product for architects and owners because it is not only conducive to optimizing energy efficiency, but also helps to maintain a true and transparent glass appearance. And save a lot of fuel. "Other companies have launched similar three silver coated glass products, but in our opinion, there is no similar product that can achieve the same clarity and optical control performance as solarban 70xl glass. Please save the current interface and contact our after-sales service department in time for a perfect balance." He said. "Because our solarban 70xl glass coating and its glass substrate are patented."

solarban 70xl glass has been applied to more than 100 buildings that have passed the "LEED certification", and several of them have also won the "annual Green Building Award" issued by the Environmental Council (Cote) of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). For more information, please browse or call ppg-idea ()

the floor glass window of RBC center in Toronto, Canada adopts solarban (R) 70xl glass produced by PPG. This glass can block heat while ensuring high visible light transmittance, making this 41 story building the first Canadian office building certified by the "energy and environmental design pioneer (LEED)". (photo provider: Shai Gill)

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the goal of PPG Industrial Company is to continue to maintain its position as the world's leading supplier of coatings and special products. Since its establishment in 1883, the company has provided services to customers in many alternate fields such as industry, transportation, consumer goods, construction and their after-sales markets. PPG industries, headquartered in Pittsburgh, USA, has production bases and subsidiaries in more than 60 countries around the world. In 2010, the company's global sales reached 13.4 billion US dollars. PPG is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (Stock Code: PPG). For more information, please browse or

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