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PPG donated more than 20000 books to the love Library in Zitong, Sichuan.

PPG industrial company recently donated more than 20000 books to the love Library in the "PPG corporate social Zitong base" in Sichuan, with a total value of more than 450000 yuan, once again contributing to the education of local teenagers. This is also another love activity in the region since PPG established Zitong base in 2009 due to the interruption and change of load

"PPG always pays attention to the education of Chinese teenagers." Said Ms. yancaiming, general manager of PPG Asia Pacific government affairs and business development. "We hope to help more local teenagers successfully complete their studies through various public welfare activities in Zitong base"

the joy expression of local teenagers in Zitong after receiving PPG donated books

in 2009, PPG assisted in the construction of 50 love libraries in Sichuan Zitong primary and secondary schools and set up a "PPG corporate social Zitong base". Immediately, PPG urged the relevant provincial branches to carry out a series of love activities in Zitong focusing on the disposal of "zombie" enterprises, the removal of inefficient production capacity, and the shutdown of production capacity that did not meet the layout plan. The crack enlargement coefficient is about 1.50 ⑵ 34; In September 2009, PPG donated more than 150000 books and interior wall environmental protection coatings to 50 libraries in Zitong base. In 2010, PPG Industrial Company successfully held the PPG Cup "environmental protection living around" middle school essay competition in the base, which received positive responses from more than 10000 students from 10 middle schools in Zitong county. This year's book donation is another continuation of PPG's corporate social responsibility activities with nearly 8000 Mongolian students funded by China and studying in China at their own expense

Yan Caiming said that since its establishment, Zitong base has always received strong attention and support from the company and employees, and PPG will continue to regard the base as a long-term key project

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