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PPG: develop the Chinese market with technology

like many industries, the Asian market has become a new battlefield for the global coating industry. With its huge consumption potential, the Chinese market has become the top priority for many multinational coating enterprises in the future

"China is a very important part of PPG's development strategy." A few days ago, Charles F. Kahle II, chief technology officer and vice president of PPG paint R & D department in the United States, said in an interview with the international finance news, "although at present, G, the pioneer of PP driving an all aluminum passenger car, has no specific China plan, but we have explored how to gain a foothold in China from the perspective of technicians."

he told that this year's PPG Global Technology Forum will be held in Shanghai, one of the reasons is that Shanghai and the whole Chinese market are very important to PPG. At present, PPG has many R & D centers around Shanghai. In the future, it will be committed to introducing advanced technology to China faster, expanding its technical team in China, and starting to cultivate R & D talents

"all our businesses in China are growing. In the future, we will open up new businesses by analyzing the demand of China's local market and considering the development trend of the coating industry." Charles F. Kahle II believes that PPG should take the lead in technology and lead the industry

to lead the industry, we need to accurately grasp the market trend. Under the background of advocating a "low-carbon" economy in the world, energy conservation and environmental protection are the difficulties that the coating industry must overcome. In this regard, Charles F. Kahle II said: "PPG has always attached great importance to the ability of sustainable development, which is reflected in PPG's dyeing business and all other businesses. In the first two years, about 25% of the average annual sales came from the sales of green products. In 2009, this figure reached 26.4%."

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