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Zou Jiahua, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, pointed out that in order to promote the national environmental protection and pollution prevention and control work, we must take the road of industrialization, marketization, socialization and specialization of pollution control on the premise that the government plays a leading role

in recent years, environmental protection industry is a new "sunrise industry", which plays an increasingly important role in improving environmental quality and promoting economic growth. Over the past few years, Beijing sound group has used its own technology to cooperate with relevant units and has undertaken more than 400 large and medium-sized environmental projects. It has also tried to adopt BOT (construction, 3, operation and transfer of flame retardant polymers) mode to speed up the construction of urban domestic sewage treatment plants in China, and has signed cooperation agreements with more than 10 cities across the country to construct urban sewage treatment plants

Zou Jiahua pointed out in the discussion with the group leader that since the formulation of the water pollution prevention and control law, China has made great achievements in the prevention and control of water pollution in order to change this kind of market disorder, but compared with economic development, China's water environment situation is not optimistic. The urgent task is to speed up the construction of urban domestic sewage treatment plants. We should encourage the diversification of investment in sewage treatment plants, promote the enterprise operation of sewage treatment plants, and further improve the collection methods of sewage treatment fees. Governments at all levels should earnestly include environmental construction in urban infrastructure planning, increase investment in the construction of urban sewage treatment facilities, and ensure the implementation of projects and funds. The banking sector should give support and encourage the input of all sectors of society

Zou Jiahua pointed out that for the operation of urban sewage treatment facilities, we should get rid of the current mode of public institutions and government contracting, and take the road of industrialization, marketization, socialization and specialization. Enable sewage and garbage collection and treatment units to conduct independent accounting and operation under the supervision of the government, and truly realize market-oriented operation and management. The law on the prevention and control of water pollution clearly stipulates that the centralized urban sewage treatment facilities shall be paid for use. Therefore, people's governments at all levels should use price, charge and tax means to give play to the regulatory role of the market. Strengthen the government's macro-control, comprehensively implement the charging policy for sewage and waste treatment, and reasonably determine the charging standard; In accordance with the overall arrangement of tax reform, we will actively and steadily promote tax reform in environmental protection and gradually improve the tax system

the environmental and Resource Protection Committee of the National People's Congress, the State Economic and Trade Commission, the Ministry of construction, the State Environmental Protection Administration and relevant leaders of Beijing also accompanied the inspection


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