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Yanjin got its name because it once owned salt wells to produce salt and set up ferries to spend the flood season. In ancient times, it was the residence of Bo people. Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties belonged to Liangzhou region, and later changed its membership. In 587 A.D., kaibian county was set up, which is now the market town of Tantou township. In 1727, the land was changed to flow, and Yanjin belonged to the Daguan Hall of Wumeng Prefecture. In 1917, the county was officially established and named Yanjin

dingpei customized furniture Yunnan Yanjin dealers and President Xiao can be said to be at first sight. Yanjin dealers can be said to have traveled all over the customized furniture brands in Sichuan. When President Liang came to dingpei factory to have an in-depth conversation with President Xiao, he was deeply moved by President Xiao's brand operation ideas and had a deeper understanding of the customized furniture industry. Immediately decided to cooperate with dingpei, and took out more than 160 square meters of local stores to operate dingpei customized furniture, which can be said to be the largest customized furniture store in Yanjin

after returning to the local area, Yanjin dealers immediately entered the store decoration preparation, and the factory also sent design specialists to the site to carry out the store decoration design. President Liang was deeply touched by the attitude of the person in charge of the factory. At present, the store has entered the decoration stage, and the brand publicity work is also carried out synchronously. It is expected to be officially opened in early September. At that time, there will be a storm of customized furniture popularization in Yanjin





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