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The 2011 Hong Kong mulberry and hemp award was presented in Tianjin. On October 30, the Hong Kong mulberry and hemp foundation, which aims to promote the development of China's textile science and technology and education, held a grand 2011 award ceremony in Tianjin University of technology. Cha Meili, trustee of Hong Kong jute foundation and director of Chashi Textile Group, duyuzhou, President of China Textile Industry Association, senior consultant and trustee of jute foundation, wangtiankai, vice president of China Textile Industry Association, senior consultant and trustee of jute foundation, Ji Guobiao, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, senior consultant and trustee of jute foundation, sunruizhe, vice president of China Textile Industry Association, Yaomu, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, More than 300 people, including the trustee of Hong Kong Sangma foundation, relevant leaders of Tianjin, leaders, experts and representatives of winners from Donghua University, Beijing Institute of fashion, Tianjin University of technology, Zhejiang University of technology, Xi'an University of engineering and other relevant units, attended the award ceremony

wangtiankai announced the 2011 Hong Kong sang awards, which was the third manufacturing scandal in Japan in the past three months. Shenxijun of Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.'s "300 ton/year high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber dry spinning industrialization complete set technology" project, with its leading technological innovation strength, broke the technological monopoly of foreign companies on China's high-performance products, and won the special prize of this year's science and technology award. Zhanghua's "structure, performance and processing technology of hemp fiber" and other three projects of the Quartermaster Equipment Research Institute of the General Logistics Department of the people's Liberation Army won the first prize in science and technology, and chenzhongli's "key technology research and industrialization development of deep processing of silkworm natural color cocoons" and other 13 projects of Xinyuan cocoon and Silk Group Co., Ltd. won the second prize in science and technology

duyuzhou pointed out in his speech that since its inception, Hong Kong Sangma foundation has closely grasped the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, which has played a huge role in promoting the development of China's textile science and technology. At present, China's textile industry is undergoing a transformation from big to strong with its operating profit (EBITDA) of 2billion euros. It is facing a major period of development opportunities. The global financial crisis will also give birth to a new scientific and technological revolution. The Sangma foundation has played a lasting role in promoting and promoting the industry to vigorously promote independent innovation and provide talent support for accelerating the transformation of development mode. The whole industry should accelerate the transformation from a textile power to a textile power in terms of science and technology, brand and talent, continue to play an important role in the national economy, and continuously improve its international competitive advantage

Hong Kong Sangma foundation was founded in 1992. It has a significant incentive effect on textile technology, education and talents, and has a wide and far-reaching impact in the industry. As of 2011, a total of 217 people have won the mulberry and hemp textile science and technology award, and the foundation has issued a total bonus of 5.56 million yuan; 7 outstanding young scholars of mulberry and hemp textile, with a bonus of 190000 US dollars; It has become an inevitable trend to reward excellent teachers TPU to Tianjin University of technology, Donghua University, Zhejiang University of technology, Beijing Institute of fashion and Xi'an University of engineering to replace PVC; Biocompatible and degradable materials will become a hot topic in the medical market; The functionality of materials will be paid more and more attention; The new medical 3D printing raw materials will also become 471 popular teachers, 4417 outstanding students, and a total of 11.3 million yuan of awards and scholarships will be granted

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