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The 2011 International Forum on Textile Science and technology and R & D achievement exhibition was held in Taiwan

the "2011 International Forum on Textile Science and technology and R & D achievement exhibition" (TiFe), sponsored by the Technology Department of the Ministry of economic affairs of Taiwan and organized by the textile industry comprehensive research institute, a consortium, was held in the International Conference Center of National Taiwan University Hospital on October 4

Taiwan Textile Institute said that TiFe has entered its tenth year this year. Over the years, it has promoted from "new opportunities for environmental protection" to "innovation and integration", helping enterprises to use environmental protection and energy-saving technologies to develop green products and explore green business opportunities

the main theme of this year's conference is "sustainable innovation". Nearly 30 experts from Europe, the United States, Japan and Taiwan were invited to share from multiple perspectives, such as enterprise sustainable management, green technology, green products, environmental sustainability norms, and green consumption trends

the opening ceremony will be held at 2:00 p.m. on October 4, followed by a keynote speech, inviting terpricethomas, executive director of the global sustainable network organization of natural law, and ethicalexpertltd The founder and general manager missabirushton delivered speeches respectively on "Textile Innovation Strategy" and "innovation is the key to the future sustainability of enterprises"; Applicable to the following standards: gb/t12583 ⑼ 810 at 3:00 p.m. on April 4, the international forum is mainly the buffer failure forum to conduct interactive discussion and trend sharing on the two themes of "sustainable innovation of enterprise operation" and "sustainable innovation of green products"

on October, the seminar was held in two days, and 18 special lectures were arranged. 20 experts from Europe, the United States, Japan and China were invited to master the fact that Taiwan's textile industry still needs to accumulate a lot of work experience and skills in practical work from the perspectives of sustainable enterprise management, green technology/products, environmental sustainability norms, and green consumption trends. The investigators did not rule out any possibility of accumulating a lot of new green gold business opportunities in the future

the R & D achievement exhibition (static achievement exhibition and technology experience area) will be displayed in Taipei World Trade Center 1 from October 12 to 14. It will display a number of R & D achievements such as "cloth garden", "fluorine free show of lotus cloth", "environmental protection innovation film" and "2011rd100award" and "collapsible fabric supercapacitor", which won the first "German if product design Gold Award"

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