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2012 auto and tire industry summit forum held in Beijing recently, "win win cooperation in the face of crisis - 2012 auto and tire industry summit forum and global business summit" was held in Beijing. The Jinan test ring stiffness tester of the summit was sponsored by the brand China Industry Alliance and China Economic Press Association, and undertaken by the triangle group company

more than 400 domestic and foreign representatives from the automobile tire industry attended the conference, including more than 300 foreign representatives from 11 of the world's top 500 enterprises. Leaders of the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other government departments, leaders of the cooperation and co construction units of the National Engineering Laboratory, and domestic and foreign authorities in the automotive tire industry and the financial sector gave speeches on the main topics of "low-carbon economy, green manufacturing, facing crisis, and win-win cooperation"

the participants had a full exchange and reached the following consensus:

first, the global economic crisis has made energy and environmental issues more prominent, and the development of the automobile and tire industry is facing new challenges and opportunities

II. Only by better handling the relationship between industrial development and energy, environment, society and mankind can we achieve sustainable development

III. science and technology is the driving force of industrial development and social progress. Relying on scientific and technological innovation, we will create a new productivity model for the automobile and tire industry

IV. our vision and goal for common development is to improve our scientific and technological innovation ability and promote the continuous improvement of industrial development and environmental protection through international cooperation and industry university research cooperation

v. establish new industrial technical standards and market access standards, and promote the coordinated development of economy, society and environment among 11000 enterprises that have obtained the professional contracting qualification for steel structure engineering in China

VI. let us make joint efforts to contribute to the realization of scientific development, low-carbon development, innovative development and the construction of a green home for the earth

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