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The 2011 International Rubber Conference (irc2011) was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. From June 15 to 17, 2011, a Chinese delegation composed of Beijing University of chemical technology and Beijing Rubber Research Institute participated in the 2011 International Rubber Conference (irc2011, Sao Paulo, Brazil), which was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil (the largest city in South America). During the meeting, members of the Chinese delegation carefully studied the reports of foreign scholars, actively asked questions, and achieved good results in international academic exchanges

the participating teachers of Beijing University of chemical technology took a group photo in the meeting place.

at the end of the meeting, it was proposed that the standards should be clearly mentioned in the aspects of air quality, buildings, disaster prevention, construction land, frugal and intensive land, high standard farmland, livestock and aquatic products, standardized vegetable market, compulsory education, etc, Professor zhangliqun, School of materials, Beijing University of chemical technology, made an academic report entitled "new understanding of filler dispersion, interface interaction and mechnical strengthening of elastomer nanocomposites through computer simulation", which showed the latest research progress in understanding the basic scientific issues of rubber nano reinforcement by using computer molecular simulation, which attracted wide attention of the participants. After the report, many international scholars took the initiative to contact professor zhangliqun to exchange and discuss academic issues in related fields. Professor luyonglai from the school of materials, Beijing University of chemical technology made an academic report entitled "preparation, structure and properties of the nano reinforced, thermal conductive rubber composites", in which he reported that they had invented a new method for preparing CNT rubber nanocomposites, which was highly praised by the audience. After the report, international scholars shook hands to welcome the new round of global green economy. These two reports are the only two academic reports that China participated in this conference. Their academic level has been confirmed by the scholars of the participating countries. They not only reflect the dominant position of Beijing University of Chemical Technology in the field of domestic rubber science and engineering, but also show that China's basic research level of rubber application has gradually entered the international advanced ranks on behalf of China

professor zhangliqun is making an academic report

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