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With the rapid development of Higher Vocational Education in recent years, the cultivation of double qualified teachers has become a very urgent problem, because it affects the school running mode of Vocational Colleges and the quality of talent training. Obviously, the high-quality electromagnet work and the realization of the "double qualified" teacher team play a key role in the higher vocational colleges to develop their own characteristics and quality. With the attention and efforts of the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of education and higher vocational colleges, in recent years, the construction of double qualified teachers in higher vocational colleges has also achieved some results, and the verification regulations have clear provisions on the verification cycle of corresponding measuring instruments

in order to promote the construction of a quality double qualified teacher team, and in accordance with the spirit of the 2011 Annual teacher training plan for the construction of Higher Vocational Colleges by the national higher vocational education teacher training base, the Education Steering Committee and the national demonstration (backbone) of the Ministry of Education (jzch [2011] No. 74 document), Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen (1) the experimental machine went to the Vocational College in the buyer's site) held a two-week training activity on PLC and frequency converter application technology. More than 60 teachers from vocational colleges all over the country came to register for learning. The training was given by professional lecturers of the vocational college

trainee training site

as an industrial automation media, China industrial control was honored to be invited to participate in the training site experience. We can see that at the training site, the students' enthusiasm for learning is high, the training effect is good, and the communication is harmonious. It is worth mentioning that everyone has a positive attitude towards the retrieval of information. Teachers will encourage students to go to the industrial control automation professional station to query information, learn the latest technology, understand the latest needs of the industry, and say it will be very helpful for students to go to the society in the future

the trainees were explaining their experiments

in order to broaden their horizons, Mr. wuyiyu from Shenzhen Saiyuan Automation System Co., Ltd. was invited by the training party to share the cutting-edge technologies and applications such as industrial remote communication and wireless communication, and to demonstrate the live remote connection, The students are interested in the prospective application and the future application of this technology in the school remote training and diagnosis. The fatigue testing machine is a kind of testing instrument specially for fatigue experiments

Mr. wuyiyu of Saiyuan company is sharing industrial remote communication and wireless communication. It is reported that the National Higher Vocational and technical education teacher training is held every summer. As a designated College of the Ministry of education, Shenzhen Vocational and technical college conducts training and assessment for the electrical and electrical professional teachers of the National Higher Vocational and technical colleges. After passing the assessment, a dual qualification certificate issued by the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of education will be issued

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