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2011 Yiwei automation national tour product promotion conference (Chongqing station) was held grandly

following the successful Jiangyin promotion conference held on August 31, 2011, Yiwei automation and Chongqing dingce jointly held 2011 Yiwei automation national tour product promotion conference (Chongqing station) in Chongqing on September 7. The conference mainly focused on unimat series PLC products independently developed by Yiwei, and invited domestic metallurgy, automobile, electric power Technical experts from petrochemical, environmental protection, cement, water treatment, new energy and other industries gathered in Chongqing to exchange views on the application of unimat series PLC products in various industries

banner of the promotion conference

this promotion conference mainly discussed three aspects. First, Li Shi, a good measurement and control software of Yiwei automation, should reflect that it should reasonably estimate the source of some errors, and should also have a modular and humanized advantage model. Based on the real shape of automotive parts, the mold always introduced Yiwei's development history, product system, sales points, and the quality After sales, technical and other guarantees have eliminated users' concerns about Yiwei products. Then Mr. Sheng, the R & D director, gave a detailed explanation on the new un200 CPU module recently launched by Yiwei. The module has powerful functions and has strong network communication capability and expansion capability; High speed operation and data processing capability; Simple and flexible, user-friendly control and other advantages. Finally, Yiwei's customer representatives spoke with their own experiences and shared their experiences in adopting Yiwei PLC products. In addition, the meeting was interspersed with attractive lottery and impromptu presentation of main explanations from time to time, and the atmosphere was relaxed and warm

protagonist of the promotion conference: un200 CPU module

technical experts visited and consulted

president Sheng explained that un200 CPU module

with the support and participation of all technical experts, the 2011 Yiwei automation national tour product promotion conference (Chongqing station) was a complete success. Following the new un200 CPU module, Yiwei will continue to provide users with newer and stronger products and services. Please also continue to pay attention to the growth of Yiwei. Thank you

impromptu questions

group photo of lucky winners

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