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2012 China (Shenzhen) International New Generation Mobile Communication Expo and forum

time: december2012

Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center theme: Mobile Internet creates infinite possibilities


guiding unit: Ministry of industry and Information Technology Shenzhen Municipal People's government

supporting unit: Shenzhen Science and technology innovation Commission, Shenzhen economic, trade and Information Technology Commission, Guangdong Electronic Chamber of Commerce

sponsor: China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, China Telecommunication Industry Association TD Industry Alliance telecommunication terminal Testing Technology Association Shenzhen mobile communication Federation Shenzhen Mobile Internet industry university research and investment alliance Guangdong electronics sub chamber of Commerce Kaifei Scud desaisanda

cooperative media: Shenzhen newspaper group Shenzhen radio and television group communication industry news Sina Sohu Tencent Yi people Xinhua Phoenix Huicong extension rate, etc.) to adjust CCID flying elephant c114 communication industry communication resources

group participation and procurement agency: US Consulate General in Guangzhou, US Asian Chamber of Commerce, China French Chamber of commerce, German Chamber of Commerce, World Federation of Chinese and overseas Chinese, Hong Kong industry general Australian Trade Commission New Zealand China Free Trade Association Indian Industry Federation Netherlands Foreign Investment Bureau Indian communication and Manufacturing Association Turkish (China) chamber of Commerce Hong Kong Radio Management Association China Singapore Chamber of Commerce Shenzhen Municipal Commission of science and technology innovation, Shenzhen Municipal Commission of economy and information technology and other units provide support and guidance. Organized by China electronics chamber of Commerce, China Communications Industry Association, TD industry alliance, Telecom Terminal Testing Technology Association, Shenzhen mobile communication Federation, Shenzhen Mobile Internet industry university research investment alliance, etc. The Expo will invite relevant countries from Europe, America, Asia and other regions, as well as giants and related enterprises in the communication industry in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to participate in the Expo

the scope of the exhibition covers the new generation of mobile communication equipment, telecom operators, intelligent terminal products, IC design, scheme design, new display, mobile power supply, spare parts, and more than 300 domestic and foreign enterprises at the upstream and downstream of the mobile communication industry chain

in the same period of the exhibition, there will also be rich and colorful activities such as high-level new generation mobile communication summit forum

the new generation of global mobile communication has become the biggest highlight to promote economic growth.

at present, the development of global information and communication technology (ICT) is changing with each passing day. A new round of information technology revolution caused by 4G (TD lte/fdd LTE) intelligent terminal production, mobile Internet applications and wireless networks has brought about great social changes. The new generation of global mobile communication has become the biggest highlight to promote economic growth. According to statistics, the total number of Internet users in 2012 was 2.18 billion, and the number of mobile Internet users was 965million. In 2015, the global mobile users will reach 3.8 billion, the total number of people using mobile Internet in the world will exceed desktop Internet, and the mobile data revenue will exceed US $1trillion

China's TD LTE is accelerating the promotion and application of

TD LTE technology with China's own intellectual property rights. It has become a major project of China's strategic emerging industry and independent innovation, has formed a relatively mature industrial chain, and has become one of the important options for countries in the world to promote the development from 3G to 4G. In 2012, China's TD LTE has been recognized and supported by 48 international operators around the world, 9 national telecom operators have launched commercial services, 16 companies have announced implementation plans, and 39 experimental networks have reached, with a good development momentum. Many international telecom operators are paying close attention to the development and application of TD LTE. In order to promote the development of TD LTE and cooperate with the commercial application of China Mobile TD LTE in some pilot cities in China, the organizing committee will cooperate with relevant government departments to hold a new generation mobile communication Summit Forum

Shenzhen is the global R & D, design, manufacturing and export base of telecom equipment and mobile terminals

as the world's largest mobile terminal manufacturing and export base, Shenzhen has a complete upstream and downstream industrial chain of the communication industry. According to the data, in 2011, Shenzhen exported to more than 200 countries around the world, with an export volume of more than 26 billion US dollars, and the total output value of the communication industry reached 450billion yuan, occupying an extremely important position in the city's GDP

exhibition features:

1. The competent government departments such as the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, the Shenzhen Municipal People's government, the Shenzhen Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, and the Shenzhen Municipal Commission of science and technology innovation provide strong support and guidance to the exhibition

2. Display of mobile internet terminal products such as 4G products on the latest display platform

3. Invite buyers from more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, and 300 professional markets and regional dealers in large and medium-sized cities in China to attend the meeting for centralized negotiation and procurement

4. High end activities integrate exhibition, forum, annual meeting, award presentation, procurement and new product release

5. On site interaction in the mobile Internet application and experience zone

five exhibition areas

I. mobile Internet application and experience area

this area focuses on creating the application and experience of the new generation of mobile communication (4G) and mobile Internet. Including: 4G, the most popular 3D games, animation, micro movies, etc. that will receive river water test results within two or three days, fully reflecting the people-oriented technology and the participation and interaction of the audience

II. Mobile the company plans to build its global R & D Center Internet and communication equipment exhibition area in Shanghai

mobile information technology and solutions, mobile payment, wireless data communication equipment, mobile broadband technology, multimedia, software systems, mobile Internet service providers, VoIP, wireless application communication protocol (WAP), mobile Internet hardware, servers, modems, security products, e-mail systems Content management system, online game, searcher, industry/enterprise informatization scheme based on mobile Internet: enterprise group communication, business mobile intelligence, enterprise mobile OA system, mobile video conference, video broadcasting, mobile e-commerce, mobile enterprise application scheme, mobile office automation, mobile entertainment technology and equipment, TV solution, mobile intelligent video monitoring technology and application

III. cloud technology and mobile application exhibition area

mobile communication technology area: mobile communication cloud computing platform construction technology

cloud terminal area: mainly includes cloud computing information terminals based on cloud computing services and solutions, such as mobile terminal devices (laptops, smart, tablet computers), printers, cloud TVs, on-board mobile devices, sensors, read-write devices, etc

cloud application area: cloud technology based on mobile Internet Applications (mobile e-mail, mobile games, mobile maps, mobile IOT and other cloud technology applications)

IV. exhibition area of intelligent terminal power supply and Solutions Power line zigzag tester and other supporting products

v. smart mobile terminal and key components exhibition area

4g, 3G, smart, 2G functional, foreign trade export, tablet computer, GPS and Beidou navigation equipment, fingerprint identification, PRA card mobile terminal; POS machine, intelligent mobile terminal product solution, chip, system equipment, application service, oled-amoled/super-amoled new display screen, touch screen, RF/analog front end, passive components, baseband/application processor/platform, storage, power management, audio/video, HDI high-precision circuit board, apple accessories

the main activities held in the same period include:

I. 2012 China (Shenzhen) International New Generation Mobile Communication Industry Summit Forum

dozens of government officials, scientific research experts and industry giants gathered together to interpret the cross era development of the new generation mobile communication field from an authoritative and forward-looking perspective

II. 20 in the high-end market 12. The annual conference of China's mobile communication industry

grand annual conference - industry elites gather together to discuss the pinnacle of industrial development plans and present awards - industry leaders and create more brilliance

procurement summit - a wonderful dinner for the high-end communication platform between the industry and the distribution community - the combination of beauty and power, and the collision of ideas and fashion

III 2012 China smart mobile terminal business model competition

smart mobile terminal business model forum smart mobile terminal and cloud Technology Summit Forum

smart mobile terminal CEO Summit Forum smart mobile terminal Solutions Seminar

professional audience invitation:

1. Invite overseas purchasers from Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe to the meeting for procurement 3. Invite users from all industries to the meeting to visit the procurement

2 Invite domestic dealers to the meeting for purchasing. 4. Invite citizens to visit, apply and experience the meeting

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