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New progress has been made in the North American market development of Shandong Lingong

Wisconsin is located in the north central United States, close to the Great Lakes region. Wisconsin has developed industry. Milwaukee, the largest city in the state, is an important internal combustion engine manufacturing city in the northern United States. Recently, aring equipment company, headquartered in Butler, Wisconsin, officially joined the dealer network of Shandong Lingong to sell a full range of wheel loaders of Shandong Lingong. In the future, customers in Wisconsin can enjoy the high-quality products and after-sales services of Shandong Lingong

aring equipment company was founded in 1939 and has branches in Butler, Madison and oaklair, Wisconsin. Since November, 2014, aring equipment company has started to sell Shandong Lingong loaders, including lg938l, lg948l, lg959 and lg958l, which enables customers in Wisconsin and surrounding areas to enjoy more types of construction equipment. The well-trained sales and service team of aring equipment company will also provide full life-cycle construction machinery product support for local customers

John Gilbertson, general manager of aring equipment company, said that the company is honored to act as an agent to sell the full range of Shandong Lingong wheel loaders. Shandong Lingong wheel loaders are reliable products and more people-friendly in price. It is estimated that the post production revenue will not be less than 2billion yuan. "We want to supply our products to more customers. The high cost performance of Shandong Lingong wheel loader can meet the needs of most customers." "In the future, our products will be able to get involved in more fields," he said

Shandong Lingong has made new progress in North American market development.

John further explained: "after becoming a distributor of Shandong Lingong wheel loaders, the company can also provide new products with high cost performance and low test repeatability to customers who previously planned to purchase second grade products to Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. whose relaxation testing machine technology is also very advanced. At the same time, customers will also enjoy 12 months (1500 hours) of warranty service."

al Quinn, head of Shandong Lingong North America, said that aring equipment company is a professional equipment company, and its participation will inject new vitality into Shandong Lingong in Wisconsin: "our strategy is to promote products to the whole North America, so we have been looking for partners who are capable of providing high-quality services and support to customers, and aring equipment company fully meets our requirements." He said, "aring equipment company has a unique understanding of the development of the industry of sealing windscreens from columns with panels in Wisconsin. We believe that customers will find the value of Shandong Lingong. At the same time, we are also honored to include such a professional company in our dealer team."

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