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Shandong Lingong has reached strategic cooperation with Tang Jun Ouling automobile

Shandong Lingong has reached strategic cooperation with Tang Jun Ouling automobile

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on May 17, Xue Xingzhen, chairman of Shandong Tang Jun Ouling Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., visited the company, and Wen Degang, general manager of the company, met with Chairman Xue and his party. Shi Shengyong, deputy general manager of the company and general manager of the marketing company, and songxiaoying, assistant general manager and director of human capital development, participated in relevant activities

during the discussion, the two sides exchanged views on lean production, human resources, scientific and technological research and development, and reached a broad consensus on further strengthening product development and expanding cooperation fields. After the talks, Shandong Lingong signed a strategic agreement with Tang Jun and Ouling automobile, which are the framework agreements for two high-performance 3D printing wires

Tangjun Ouling subsidiary has maintained a good business cooperation relationship with Shandong Lingong. The two sides will cooperate with the thermal conductivity: plate direct method. According to the introduction, Jing Guangguang will further promote the win-win development of both sides to a new level

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