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Shandong Lingong excavator, really

in early winter, the temperature in Xuchang has been below zero, but the factory area of Shandong Lingong Xuchang customers is very lively. 11 Shandong Lingong e660f excavators are neatly arranged in front of the plant, waiting for the delivery time with the attitude of quasi owner. "Reliable." When talking about the reasons for choosing Shandong Lingong, the customer's answer was concise and clear

Shandong Lingong excavator

users will show unusual caution when purchasing equipment in large quantities. The customer first arranged staff to conduct in-depth market research on how to make the production process more environmentally friendly, and delineated several excavator brands; Subsequently, the bidding announcement was issued, and a group of five experts was organized to score the products of each brand. The expert group finally decided to choose Shandong Lingong

products with perfect technology and reliable quality are not the only way for Shandong Lingong to win the recognition of customers. The automotive aluminum products on display include shock absorption parts, chassis connecting sleeves, steering system and brake system parts. Comprehensive and efficient service level is also the focus of Shandong Lingong. President Xu, the project director of Tongguan heavy industry project department, made a solemn commitment to the customers at the ceremony: Tongguan heavy industry will not only provide customers with high-quality products, but also provide customers with high-quality services. " The service engineer also came to the scene and explained the precautions for vehicle operation in detail to the staff of the customer company. This also attracted operators to inquire about the equipment. With the extensive use of electric measurement and electronic control technology in the experimental machine, the service engineers' patient and professional explanation won their unanimous praise: "Shandong Lingong is really in!"

the customer's inspection is also an important standard to test the reliability of products. After the delivery ceremony, the leader of the equipment department of the customer company carried out a careful and strict acceptance of each e660f excavator with the excavator acceptance certificate. Finally, each inspection result of each excavator was qualified

for three consecutive years, Shandong Lingong has ranked first in the loader industry, and its excavator sales have also ranked among the top three in China with the fastest growth rate in the same industry. What surprises will Shandong Lingong bring to us in the fifth national brand story competition national finals co organized by Shandong Lingong on December, 2017? Let's wait and see

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