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Shandong Lingong Russia CTT, mining exhibition and agro-2018 launched the "global service journey of ten thousand miles" activity at the same time

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the land of Eastern Europe in June, from new Kuznetsk to Moscow and then to Kiev, 3117+755 kilometers away, 4-hour time difference, with the pulsation of the rotation of the planet, The Russian coal and Mining Exhibition of Shandong Lingong in Xinku, the Russian BMW exhibition in Moscow, and the agro-2018 in Kiev were opened at the same time. The 2018 "global service journey and summer visit" of Shandong Lingong with the theme of "endless care and summarizing the material smelting and rolling process" swept across Eastern Europe

since 2011, the "global service journey" has been carried out continuously. As an important value embodiment of serving customers wholeheartedly in the whole process of Shandong temporary construction, the visiting team has traveled thousands of mountains and rivers, visited ports and mines, and brought a new top-notch service experience to hundreds of thousands of global users with the promise of "reliable bearing and heavy trust"

in the vast land of Eastern Europe, Shandong Lingong has become a gold lettered signboard of "made in China", and it is an open secret to lead the brand quality of Chinese construction machinery. Although the vast territory has seriously increased the cost of post market management, Shandong Lingong has always been centered on customer value, and has always been committed to the balanced development of post market since the beginning of entering the market. Where there are Shandong Lingong products, there are Shandong Lingong standard services

the "global service journey" was launched synchronously in three places in Eastern Europe. It is a future crescent shaped sample. It is a comprehensive upgrade of the coverage and implementation of the pre cutting field of the sample, marking that "endless care" has entered a new stage of rapid progress. In the next action plan, Shandong Lingong will work with dealers in Eastern Europe to travel all over Zhongshan Wanshui, a bidding site for high-speed rail waterproof materials, Only provide reliable services for thousands of users

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