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Shandong Lingong has leapt to become the world's first loader group soldier

Shandong Lingong has leapt to become the world's first loader group soldier

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in just a few years, Shandong Lingong has become the world's first loader group soldier from a second-line loader manufacturer. This "time-honored brand" that once manufactured China's first generation of 4-ton loader construction machinery is glowing with new vitality

we came to Shandong Lingong to get close contact with these "Big Mac" excavators. In the joint workshop and the first assembly workshop, we were deeply impressed by the clean and orderly workshop environment, the meticulous operation of the workers, and the internationally advanced production lines

as a professional excavator manufacturer, Lingong, founded in 1972, once created China's first generation of 4-ton loaders, but for a long time, this time-honored brand of construction machinery is still unknown to the public

a "big man" left a deep impression on everyone. This is the 8-ton excavator just launched by Shandong Lingong. Its all-weather design, strong body and components "especially in the high temperature environment of 1000 (1) 300 ℃" ensure that it can withstand all kinds of harsh conditions in the workplace. We found that the cab of the excavator can not only provide a good view, but also be equipped with suspension seats, open rear windows and other devices to ensure the comfort of the operator throughout the day. It is also very popular in the international market

today's Shandong Lingong has today's aging and loosening of parts, which is the working condition for the equipment to use the hydraulic system for a long time - the problem of using the pressure range (lubricity, extreme pressure anti-wear) is a great good situation, not just luck. As a "time-honored brand", how to achieve a new leap in the new era? Shandong Lingong has never stopped innovating

the company has successively invested more than 30 million yuan in construction funds, newly built new product trial production workshops, expanded product pilot test bases, equipped with testing equipment for key components of various construction machinery, and has complete machine testing and testing means; Equipped with high-end 3D design software, it implements networked collaborative design, and realizes the R & D system of construction machinery products integrating 3D design, kinematic analysis and finite element analysis

through original innovation, independent innovation, introduction, digestion and absorption, industry university research cooperation and other technical means, we can complete product development with high quality and efficiency, and obtain strong economic and social benefits. In 2014, Shandong Lingong has developed more than 50 new products

for many years, Shandong Lingong has been in the leading position in the industry in technological innovation and application. The core technologies and product applications mainly include the national "863" project - "research and product application of electromechanical hydraulic integrated intelligent monitoring system for loaders", energy-saving tire loader key technology, large loader transmission technology, post doctoral project "transmission electronic control system", etc

at present, Shandong Lingong has maintained a good cooperative relationship with domestic key universities and scientific research institutes, established an open and efficient system of technical cooperation and technological innovation, established a national technical center and post doctoral workstation, undertook the National 863 project and the provincial 3. Put the test piece on the pressure plate of the experimental machine, and obtained more than 130 national patents

"rely on the old and sell the new". At present, Shandong Lingong has become a world-renowned manufacturer and service provider of loaders, excavators, rollers, excavators and loaders, and related accessories

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