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Shandong Lingong road machinery enters the primeval forest of Borneo, Indonesia

Shandong Lingong road machinery enters the primeval forest of Borneo, Indonesia

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Pt kepid is a coal handling company located in South Kalimantan Province, Indonesia, at a river port about 200 kilometers away from machen, the capital of South Kalimantan (Borneo), Pt kepid is responsible for loading and unloading the coal gathered here from nearby areas. Recently, in this river port located in the tropical rainforest of Kalimantan island, Shandong Lingong delivered its first grader in Indonesia. The excellent performance and timely after-sales service of Lingong grader have been highly praised by local customers

Shandong Lingong road machinery enters the primeval forest of Borneo, Indonesia

Shandong Lingong road machinery enters the primeval forest of Borneo, Indonesia

4. Keep the experimental machine clean and hygienic every day. As the largest power supplier in South Korea - the subsidiary of Korea Electric Power Industry Development Co., Ltd. (kepid) in Indonesia, Pt kepid company undertakes heavy coal loading and unloading tasks. Due to the local rainy weather and the frequent full load operation of coal handling machinery, Pt kepid company needs to level the ground of the loading and unloading area in time to ensure the best operation effect. Daniel krismantoro, operation manager of Pt kepid company, said, "when considering adding a grader, our idea is to buy a practical machine, which does not need flashy decorations and does not need to be very expensive." Chinese machinery products, which already have a good reputation in Indonesia, came into the company's consideration. After careful consideration, Pt kepid finally decided to buy a Shandong Lingong g9190 grader. After practical application, krismantoro was very satisfied with the performance of this grader officially launched at the Indonesian Mining Exhibition last year: "its energy saving and powerful power are comparable to that of any other brand of grader, and we feel that it is worth the money."

for Rudi f is the operator of this g9190 motor grader. For Rudi f was impressed by the first Shandong Lingong equipment: "the performance of this motor grader is a little shocking to me. It has the same performance as other brands of motor graders I have operated before, but the cab of Shandong Lingong motor grader is more comfortable."

g9190 grader is equipped with a German designed Dalian DEUTZ section II electronic injection engine with a rated power of 146 kW, which not only saves energy, but also maximizes the performance of the equipment. The hydraulic transmission control system of the grader is equipped with low noise. Before starting, check whether the oil circuit from the oil tank to the oil pump is connected to the engine. Another feature of g9190 is its new generation cab, which is equipped with anti falling objects and anti rolling protection devices to provide better protection for operators. The cab adopts ergonomic control layout design and shock-absorbing seats to maximize the operator's comfort

Shandong Lingong is committed to providing customers with the best post market support, and its global service network and parts distribution network are also expanding. Pt Intraco penta prima servis (IPPs), the largest distributor of Shandong Lingong in Indonesia, provides services to customers in Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Maluku islands. This company is very familiar with the local conditions of 18000 islands

in the suburbs of Kalimantan, many places have not built roads. Even in the areas where roads are built, there are strict tests for drivers. IPPs has to overcome many difficulties in the process of ensuring that the laboratory where after-sales service is located cannot have vibration. Service personnel often need to use a variety of means of transportation to reach their destination. "IPPs provides us with excellent after-sales service support. This part is used for: it also makes us more confident to continue to buy Shandong Lingong products in the future." krismantoro is very satisfied with Shandong Lingong's local after-sales service, and Shandong Lingong also attracts more and more attention locally with its unified standard high-quality service in the global market

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