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Shandong Lingong: "the best driver" waiting for you to praise

in view of the current problems faced by the new material industry, such as large but not strong, Shandong Lingong: "the best driver to save and print the experimental results" waiting for you to make a comparison with fusion's mass-produced vehicles. Praise

China engineering machinery information

in the tide of infrastructure construction, their seemingly ordinary work has promoted China's modernization process. They worked tirelessly, not only getting rich themselves, but also led to the formation of a group that created value with labor. Grassroots operators have superb engineering machinery operation skills, and they are simple and honest. They describe the beauty of labor and morality with practical actions

"the best driver" is waiting for your praise

they are truly "good drivers". Over the past three years, Shandong Lingong "China's good fuel tank is short of drivers" activity has been welcomed by grassroots operators, helping them establish a correct industry outlook, professional outlook and ethics. In order to let more people know the touching deeds of front-line operators, Shandong Lingong held the "best driver" selection activity. Select 20 typical stories from nearly 10000 students, waiting for you to like them. Participate in the activity and choose the "best driver" in your heart, that is, you will have the opportunity to win the loader model award

I. time of activity: September 15-30, 2015

II. Mode of participation:

1 Log in to the activity page (, or scan the QR code below to follow Shandong Lingong official and Shandong Lingong good driver club to participate in the activity.

2. Select the "best driver" in your heart, click "vote for him", and complete the selection. Each account has a chance to vote every day.

3. The "best driver" who finally gets the top 3 votes will be awarded the "best driver" At the same time, it will also receive a Xiaomi note

4. If the "good driver" you choose finally wins the prize, you will have the opportunity to win the loader model prize by random selection

sweep, pay attention to Shandong Lingong official

sweep, pay attention to Shandong Lingong good driver club

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