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Shandong Lingong layout Southeast Asia spare parts warehouse construction system

Shandong Lingong layout Southeast Asia spare parts warehouse construction system

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Shandong Lingong continues to expand the sales scope of its construction equipment products in the global market. At the same time, it is providing rapid spare parts supply through the establishment of spare parts warehouse and strengthening post market support. In the Southeast Asian market, in addition to the existing parts distribution network of Shandong Lingong and the parts warehouse in Bangalore, India, Shandong Lingong set up a new parts warehouse in Jurong, Western Singapore, on August 1, 2014. The establishment of the warehouse will shorten the service response time for Southeast Asian customers, Provide better service "In neonatal care.

Shandong Lingong layout Southeast Asia parts warehouse construction system

Shandong Lingong mainly sells wheel loaders and floor machines in Southeast Asia, and will also start selling road construction machinery and other products this year. After years of development, Shandong Lingong has established a sound dealer network in Southeast Asian countries, and many influential dealers have joined Shandong Lingong, including Indonesia The two national dealers Pt Intraco penta prima servis and Pt indotru, including cloud rail cars and automobiles, have been used by Guangya aluminum CK Utama company for more than 67 years

Anthony Neo, director of sales support in Southeast Asia of Shandong Lingong, said, "we are very proud to be the first Chinese manufacturer to set up a spare parts warehouse in Southeast Asia. In the future, we will provide local customers with common parts of Shandong Lingong products at a faster speed, shorten service response time, and improve the normal operation time of customer equipment." Neo also said, "when customers choose equipment, the most important thing is the normal operation time of the equipment, so it is very important to provide reliable technicians to the customer's equipment site for repair and maintenance, and also provide timely supply of accessories. Shandong Lingong pays close attention to the Southeast Asian market, and we are doing our best to improve the product support services to customers in this region."

with the efforts of major agents in Southeast Asia, Shandong Lingong has become the leading Chinese construction equipment brand in the local market. Shandong Lingong is also a leading brand in the Malaysian market, and ranks in the top three in the Thai and Philippine markets. Southeast Asia windformxt2.0 can replace finished parts for small batch production. The establishment of new parts warehouse will provide guarantee for the local sales of Shandong Lingong products and further strengthen the competitiveness of Shandong Lingong in the local market

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