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Steel to steel to cloud easy mining services are hot online, promoting the innovative development of black bulk supply chain financial services

steel to steel to cloud easy mining services are hot online, promoting the innovative development of black bulk supply chain financial services

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in the government work report of this year's national two sessions, the supply chain financial service model was mentioned separately: "to further solve the financing problems of small and micro enterprises, it is necessary to make the financing of small and micro enterprises more convenient and the comprehensive financing cost stable this year."

in the daily operation of small and medium-sized enterprises, prepayment is usually required for upstream strong customers, while there is a long accounting period for sales to downstream end customers, and the enterprise occupies a large amount of working capital. In the long run, small and medium-sized enterprises will face difficulties in capital turnover, cash flow tension and other problems

especially since 2020, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, the financing difficulties and capital turnover difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises have become more and more serious, and supply chain finance has played a vital role in solving the financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises

under the traditional credit financing mode, financial institutions mainly provide credit based on the historical financial information and collateral of enterprises. In the supply chain finance mode, the capital can turn to the comprehensive evaluation of the transaction status of industrial chain enterprises, and provide financing services with a Rockwell hardness of 0.001mm for single or multiple transactions

based on the needs of enterprise users in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, the performance indicators that reflect the strength of metal materials are as follows. As a new generation of black bulk commodity smart industry interconnection platform, steel to steel to continuously update iterative smart trading, smart logistics and smart financial products. Recently, on the basis of intelligent transactions, ganglaigang launched "yunyicai" supply chain financial services to provide enterprises with supply chain financial service products such as agency procurement. Compared with the traditional financing mode of credit, the cloud easy purchase service of steel to steel can provide more comprehensive and convenient financing services for enterprises, so as to improve the capital turnover ability of enterprises and effectively solve the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises

it is understood that steel to steel to "cloud easy mining" is a supply chain financial service based on the real trade background of upstream and downstream, relying on the high-quality channels of the platform, introducing low-cost industrial funds, and integrating single or multiple dealers to initiate collective procurement from upstream. After the purchaser signs the contract with the supplier and steel to steel to pay the deposit, steel to steel to provide the purchaser with purchasing advance and goods locking services. The purchaser can redeem the goods in batches and quantities after delivering the final payment

in addition to the "cloud easy purchase" business, steel to steel to joint JD technology can also provide platform customers with third-party bill discount services, covering silver and commercial bills. Upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain can choose a variety of financial services from steel to steel to the platform, which will lead to the collapse of small and medium-sized battery factories. The upstream steel factory supply and platform spot mall and other massive supply sources, with a single purchase amount of up to 50million and a period of up to 6 months

it is worth noting that during the trial operation period from March to June, eligible enterprises can also enjoy preferential credit interest rate policies, and the monthly comprehensive service fee is as low as 8 ‰! After the trial operation, the normal credit interest rate standard will be restored. For details, please refer to information platform customer service:

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