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Xifei composite materials: taking several measures to drive regional development

in 2009, this will greatly improve the travel experience of users. China Aerospace Industry Corporation has become the first military enterprise in China to become one of the world's top 500, and ranks 11th in the aerospace and defense sector

military enterprises produce civilian products, which is an important way to drive and integrate into local economic development. While focusing on the development of aviation products, avic-xi'an Airlines Co., Ltd. faces the market, gives full play to the resource advantages of enterprises in technology, talents and equipment, vigorously cultivates new economic growth points, vigorously speeds up the main business and economic development, promotes resource integration, constructs a new industrial system, actively integrates into local economic development, and the non aviation manufacturing industry gradually embarks on the road of large-scale and brand development

as the core backbone enterprise of AVIC aircraft company, Xi'an Airlines has always adhered to the purpose of "serving the country by aviation, strengthening the army and enriching the people", spared no effort to build Shaanxi's aviation brand, worked hard to drive Shaanxi's regional economic development, and played a prominent role in the implementation of Shaanxi's "industry to maintain growth" strategy and made greater contributions

civilian products represented by "Xiwo brand" luxury bus, "Xifei brand" aluminum profile, aluminum door and window series products have formed a good brand effect; "Xifei brand" metal hanging plate, VCM plastic clad plate and other products also show strong market competitiveness. Xichang composite products are unique, and successfully developed antennas and components for Shenzhou series spacecraft and the Chang'e lunar exploration project. In the future, Xi'an airlines will rely on its core capabilities, give full play to its technological advantages, and focus on developing new product projects with high added value and high-tech content that are related to aviation and aerospace processes and have similar product structures

in the field of modern service industry, Xifei has owned holding subsidiaries such as import and Export Co., Ltd., Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and Xifei Hotel, involving import and export trade, hotel services, property management, warehousing and logistics, real estate and other fields. In 2008, Xi'an modern service industry achieved a total revenue of 590million yuan, becoming a new economic growth point

the rapid development of civilian products has not only injected vitality into the sustained and stable economic growth of the company, but also made a significant contribution to the economic development of Shaanxi

under the favorable opportunity of large-scale national investment and expanding domestic demand, Xi'an airlines will continue to give full play to the quality and brand advantages of Xi'an airlines' products and services, and expand new space for enterprise development in the field of non aviation manufacturing and modern service industry based on the principle of supporting the superior and eliminating the inferior. Take the market as the guide, focus on strengthening the two links of product development and marketing, actively develop new products, open up new markets, and serve the regional economic development

in today's economic globalization, market competition has evolved from industrial development strategy to industrial cluster strategy, and industrial clusters show strong competitive advantages through synergy

Yanliang, where Xifei group is located, is located in the northeast of Xi'an, with a warm climate, low rainfall all year round and high air transparency. As early as the 1950s, the state built a number of aviation enterprises and scientific research institutions here, including the recently established Xi'an Airlines Group, making it the most complete area in the national aviation industry system and a famous aviation city in China

the key to developing regional economy and improving regional economic competitiveness is to give full play to their comparative advantages and promote the development of advantageous enterprises and industries in the adjustment of industrial structure. Core backbone enterprises are the backbone of the regional economy and the concentrated embodiment of the comprehensive competitiveness of a city

relying on large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises to drive the development of local economy based on 2018 data is also an important strategy for local governments to develop regional economy

In 2005, relying on the abundant aviation industry resources here, the country launched the construction of China's only national high-tech industrial base integrating aviation industry research and development, aviation talent training, aviation equipment production and machine manufacturing, parts processing, and aviation services

after the development in recent years, the park construction blueprint of Xi'an Yanliang National Aviation base has begun to appear, the industrial cluster has begun to take shape, and the agglomeration effect has become increasingly prominent. It has become an important platform to integrate Shaanxi aviation industry resources, attract private capital and private enterprises to enter the general aviation field, promote the cooperation and exchange of domestic and foreign aviation industry, and become another region with strong competitiveness to drive the economic development of Shaanxi

the decision-makers of AVIC Xi'an Airlines attach great importance to and support the development of the aviation industry base, and regard it as an important platform for their integration into the regional economy and the promotion of impact testing machines. It is also an important platform for the economic development of Shaanxi Province, where Zui is widely used in the market

at the same time, on March 18, 2009, the construction of the large aviation component assembly line project of AVIC Xi'an Airlines Tianjin Binhai New Area broke ground, and it is planned to be completed by the end of August. After the project of Xi'an Airlines Tianjin Binhai New Area is put into operation, the final assembly and tested wings here will be directly delivered to Airbus Tianjin final assembly plant. At present, the production line has been put into operation, the first delivery was achieved in the first quarter of 2010, and the production capacity of 4 sorties per month was reached by the end of 2011

through product driven and project layout, avic-xi'an actively integrates into the regional economic development circle and becomes an important driving force for local economic development

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